Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vuvuzela: The World's LARGEST Water Ride

When I found out that Malaysia is the the home of the LARGEST water ride in the world, I cannot believe it. Still can't believe it, so I must see it with my own eyes.

If you're still in the dark of what's going on, here's a brief explanation of this totally awesome, action packed ride. So hold your orgasms...

 *deep breaths*

Imagine you’re sitting on a rubber raft, eleven stories above ground. Below you, a long, winding waterslide, leading away so far you can’t see where it ends. Suddenly, the ground falls away and you’re plunged, screaming, hurtling through a maze of watery pipes, twisting and turning like an aircraft out of control. It’s terrifying yet exciting and all your senses are alive! 

WHOOO!!! This is exactly what it feels like on the Vuvuzela, Sunway Lagoon’s latest attraction and the world’s largest water ride!

When I first heard about it, I knew right away I just HAVE to ride it. IhavetoIhavetoIhavetooooo!!!

Oh my...

From what I've read, riders would be LAUNCHED from an incredible height (I suppose its not for the faint hearted) of 30-meters high, and you will be plunged through a ride that spans 152 meters that is designed to resemble riding rapids on a turbulent river O.O"....
There's more!

Each ride will allow riders to experience up to 5  awesomely thrilling oscillations in the world’s largest water funnel before being shot out back into the enclosed flume. It all ends down at the splashdown pool. The Vuvuzela is designed for riders to experience zero gravity (so you can fly... if you believe), caused by the swinging to opposite sides of the funnel to reach the apex of the ride.

Anybody's got a napkin? My laptop, unfortunately, is covered in drool... gotta dry it before it shuts down on me before I can finish writing this post...

ANYWAY..... the best part is... Nuffnang is giving out free invites to spend a day at the totally awesome theme park. This is my chance to ride the famous Vuvuzela!!!! EEeeeekkk!!!  

Why do I want to join Nuffnang for a blogger's day-out at Sunway Lagoon?

BECAUSE I wanna meet other awesome bloggers (with the possibility of meeting up with some really cute guys at the theme park) and see their retarded reactions on the ride... like this one....

Its gonna be LEGEN... wait for it.... DARY. 

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