About Me

Hello my dear readers!!

Thank you for dropping by to view my blog.

Who am I?

My name is Anne Wong Synpuhn and I'm the writer of this blog. I was born on 5th March, 1994 and I was born in Ampang. As you can see, writing and photography is some of my favorite things to do.

I love the sea. I love the corals and creatures living below and I'm fascinated with the underwater world. My childhood dream is to be a Marine Biologist and hopefully, that dream will come true.

I also wish to become a journalist, to travel around the world and write about my experiences to share with the world!

I graduated as a Junior Open Water Scuba diver on August 2008 at the age of 14. It was some of my happiest days ever because I feel closer towards my childhood dream and I began to learn more about the underwater world I loved so much. It hurts me to see the recent oil spills around the world and I want to do something to help the environment.

I'm now part of the BRATs (Bright Roving Annoying Teens), a young journalist group organized by The Star newspaper since June 2009.  Ever since their workshop, I guess it changed me. Being part of the BRATs taught me many things and I've learnt to be more outgoing and bold when it comes to getting information.

If it wasn't for them, this blog wouldn't have existed.

My dream car is a red Mini Cooper S and I've been saving up my money for it since 2008. I'll have no other car but the Mini Cooper S!

Other things I like to do is baking, sewing, bangin on my piano, strummin on my guitar, watching videos and traveling!

Still curious about me? Read all about it on my blog! See you there!

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