Friday, November 25, 2011

Memory Lane

Its about 3 more papers before I finish my SPM and I can't help but think that I'm gonna lose so many people in my life. I mean, I won't be in high school any longer. I may never see my teachers and perhaps some of my classmates again.

Looking back at the happy times I had in high school, I feel rather sad that I won't be in this school any longer. I won't be able to see my teachers, my classmates, tuition, all of it! Its just such a huge change to me.
I had a great time with all my school mates. Especially my classmates from 5 Jujur. We certainly shared lots of memories together for the past 2 years together.

As lame as it sounds, I honestly feel that I'm gonna miss waking up in the morning, put on my uniform and go to school. Studying together in a classroom, using the smelly toilets, forgetting to do your homework, and so much more which I have taken for granted.

I'm gonna miss spending time with my friends everyday. Making prank calls from the public phone, skipping class, camwhoring in the school and playing pranks on my friends will only be but a fond memory of mine now.

I'm also gonna miss taking part in school activities such as cross country. Though I'm not exactly the athletic type, I'm rather disappointed that I didn't make my goal of winning a medal because I fell and sprained my ankle this year :(

Although I didn't take part in the running competition for sports day, at least I took part in the tug-of-war. Which we won!

My first and last medal from this school. Actually, I used to win a lot of medals before. Its just that in this school, not everyone can participate. So things are a little different here.

And how could I forget about the time the teachers brought us out for the Bon Odori event? We had such a great time then...

Finally, our graduation day. I really felt so emotional then because this is my final year of high school and I'm not sure if I'm ready to lose the people I know and love from this school.

That's me and my class teacher, Pn. Rozitah. She's been our Physics teacher for 2 years. 
I'm gonna miss her too...

I really hope we could keep in touch as much as possible. Who knows? Maybe someday our kids could be the best of friends someday.

Of course, I'll be missing my teachers. No question. I mean, they've been helping me all these years, sacrificing their time just to help their students.

I still remember my Standard 6 BM teacher, Pn. Noraidah. How could I? Even though it was against the school rules for teachers to give private tuition to their students, she helped me out anyway. Despite the risk of losing her job. She really helped improve my BM skills a lot and I really appreciate that.

Then there's my P. Moral teacher, Pn. Norlida. She really helped me out with my essays because I was pretty lousy at it. She gave me loads of tips because I was the only one who actually gave a damn about the essay. I really want to score for my SPM!

I also appreciate the help of my current BM teacher, Pn. Afizan. Despite her strict attitude, she's actually very kind. She didn't mind whenever I ask her to check my essays and she actually marked it and gave me tips. So I'm really grateful for her help.

My English teacher Pn. Habibah is also one those special teachers I won't forget either. She's the one who helped me achieve the opportunity of being selected for the student exchange programme. Because she's one of the few teachers who could write good English, she went through all the trouble of writing the recommendation letter, talking to the principle, getting info's about my academic progress, etc, etc.... I'll send her a postcard once I'm in Italy. If it wasn't for her, I'd probably wouldn't be able to go.

But in general, I'm pretty much gonna miss all of my teachers. Especially one whom I wouldn't mention because I once had a mini crush on him  he helped me a lot.

So yeah, school life holds a great deal of bitter and happy times there. I'll definitely miss it tremendously and sometimes I wish I was Form 1 again.

But, I gotta move on in life. I'm gonna finish my SPM, go for the student exchange programme, get an internship at The Star newspaper, then go to college. So far, that's my plan until then. Maybe next year I'll organize a gathering to see all my school mates, teachers and friends once I'm back from Italy.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Traditional Outfits

Many people would've known by now that I have been selected to participate in a student exchange programme to ITALY for about 2-3 months.

I've been applying for this student exchange programme since the beginning of this year and I didn't dare announce my trip to Italy because I didn't want to jinx it. 

BUT since its been confirmed that I'm selected, I've got my host family and I know when's my departure date to Rome, I guess its time I'd let my readers know that I may or may not blog while I'm there because I don't know if there's gonna be wi-fi over in Italy.

According to the letter I received, it says that I have to prepare some info, pictures, our Malaysian flag and I have to bring a traditional outfit there.

I don't normally wear any traditional outfit of any sorts and I'd like to wear an outfit that wouldn't make me freeze to death in Italy because I've gotta feeling that its gonna be cold there. You see my problem?

I think a Baju Kebaya (traditional Malay outfit) looks nice, but I don't know if its gonna be warm enough for me over there...

I've worn a Punjabi outfit (traditional Indian clothes) too....

I've heard that the Sari (another traditiona Indian outfit) is pretty hot, but...

The middle may be a little exposed and my tummy easily gets cold. Besides, what if I liked Italian food so much, I got fat and look super ugly in a sari???

And then I thought about my own traditional costume which is a cheongsam, because I'm a chinese. The problem is that nobody wears a Cheongsam and hardly anyone sells it either.

Another problem is that to wear a Cheongsam, you should have a good figure to wear it because its such a shapely outfit and its probably one of the most sexiest traditional outfits ever! How the heck can I pull it off?

If I wanna wear a traditional outfit which keeps me warm, hide my figure, and keep me close to my Chinese roots, I might as well wear this outfit:

Woohoo! An outfit from the Tang Dynasty. Hat included. Now THAT's a traditional outfit!

Unfortunately, nobody from this century even sells or wear it because its ridiculous to wear something like that in a scorching hot weather like ours.

I need help. 
What kind of traditional costume should I wear to Italy???
Leave a comment with your opinion.

Come to think of it, why is it that in a multi- racial country like Malaysia, only the Chinese NEVER wear their own traditional costumes unlike the Indians and Malays?

Hmmm.... you can also leave a comment about that too if you like. I think its because its too sexy to wear in public.

Oh yeah, my first week of SPM wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Except last Thursday, which was Math. Usually, I thought Maths was a piece of cake. I mean, it always has been before....

Until I realized that 5 minutes before time was up, I realized that I shaded 10 questions wrong because I skipped 3 questions by mistake! Total chaos!

I barely had time to shade the answer sheet correctly and answer the 3 questions correctly before the examiner collected our papers. By the time I got to the last question, the examiner told us to put down our pencils because time's up.

Nevertheless, I ignored her and finally thought of the correct answer and shaded it properly just seconds before she took away my paper. Thank God I got everything right just in time.

Of all things to happen, I can't believe I panicked during maths, the easiest subject ever! And I think I know why. Its because I didn't wear pink underwear that day unlike the rest of the week because I ran out of them. 

On the bright side, Math paper 2 was definitely easy to answer. I had no problem there.

Btw, Pink is my lucky color according to my horoscope. Yes, believe it or not, I actually believe this shit. Don't judge me.

Wish me luck for my next few papers!

P.S. I can't believe I'm sharing the color of my underwear to the world. Must be the stress that's causing me to think irrationally. Oh well.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Its Finally Here!

OMG! I'm practically hyperventilating right now.

Tomorrow's the big day; the day I've been preparing for the past 10 years. The day I've been dreading all my life. The day I've been studying for day and night. The day that'll mark my last day of High School....

The day I finally sit for my SPM examinations O.o

Its all set. Our tables were arranged, our SPM slips were pasted on our desks and I'm sitting face to face in front of the examiner. Just my luck!

Worst, since I'm the only student in the entire school who's taking the Bible Knowledge exams, I'll be in a room alone with the examiner. One. On. One :S

Hopefully the examiner isn't some creep who's really annoyed with me for taking the exam so I have to occupy his/her time. If the Good Lord is kind enough, perhaps the examiner is cool enough to cit chat with me during the exam to lighten the atmosphere. Fat hopes.

Anyway, remember how I used to whine about not being able to have a proper graduation day like everybody else and that I wanna wear a fancy robe and hat and hold a fake scroll?

Guess what?

WHEE!! Much to my surprise and delight, we had a surprise graduation session last Friday, 11.11.11. I got to wear a fancy robe and hold a fake scroll! I'm so happy!! :D

Well, we didn't have the hat, but that's OK. It might ruin my hair anyway.

Apparently, we were the first batch in our school history to have a graduation day. I feel so honored and lucky to be the first to graduate from high school properly.

There's my entire class taking our graduation photo. Can you spot me next to the teacher?

I know at a time like this, I should be studying instead of blogging right now, but I thought I should just update you guys on what's going on right now. Updates may be slow from now on until 5th December which is my last day of SPM.

Besides, I've been working my butt off writing lots of essays and doing exercises for at least 6 hours a day (and please fellow SPM students, don't you dare boast about how much longer you study than me because I don't give s shit  that you've been studying for 24 hours a day and that you're much cleverer than me and I'm a lazy sloth.). 

I've even started writing in a straight handwriting instead of my normal cursive style, which is kind of a pain because it really slows down my writing. But I gotta make sure the examiner could read my handwriting.
I think I deserve a short break, don't I?

Today, as I was reading my horoscope from the Sunday's newspaper, it says that my lucky color, number and day is pink, 13 and Monday.

So I have a good feeling that tomorrow is gonna be my lucky day. It better be, because BM is gonna be my first subject so I'd better do well on that subject.

And since my school uniform does not even have the slight hint of pink, I'm gonna wear as many Pink underwears as possible. To attract more luck via my ass. As for the number, I'll just turn my volume up to 13 in my car for that extra luck boost.

Usually, I'd look at a horoscope and then think its bullshit, but this time, I really feel that I need as much help as I could get. I've even been praying real hard everyday that I'd do well in my exams. So far, my prayers really did come true for my exams.

The first time I prayed for at least 4 A's in my UPSR, I really did get exactly 4 A's, much to everyone's surprise (they thought I was too carefree and relaxed. A parent actually thought I was stupid. But her son is retarded and that's already polite enough. So there.) 

Later on, I prayed that the lowest grade I could possibly get for my PMR was at least a C and it also came true! I prayed that I might be chosen for the students exchange programme despite my average grades and the slim chance that I'll be chosen, and it too came true!

God has really helped me all these years and hopefully, he'd help me again so that I'll do well in my exams.

Good luck to all SPM students! Lets all do our best and pass with flying colors. God bless!

P.S Thanks to you guys, GlamorAnn has finally reached over 10000 viewers!! Thank you so much for all your support. This has really given me the encouragement to blog more often. 

P.S.S I know it may not be a lot of viewers to some of you, but this blog has really come a long way since 2009. So shut up.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Annoy Like a Pro

It brings me great satisfaction when it comes to annoying the wits out of my brother. As Daniel's older sis, its my job to makes his life miserable. After 16 years of being on the job, its time I share with you on how to make  life a little rosier by annoying like a pro.

So here's some of the top annoying stuff I do that drives my brother up the walls:

1. Smother him with lots of love

That's right. Straight boys aren't the mushy kind of people. So everyday, I tell my brother how much I love him. Just shove your love right up to his face. It always winds him up. Never gets old.

2. Sing the same song over and over again

Not just any ordinary songs. The really annoying ones like nursery rhymes or some random tunes with the occasional bangs and chorus! (Baba Black sheep is my favorite tune.)

3. Just smile and stare

It really works. Not only is it creepy, its also entertaining to watch his reaction. Plus, you're already being annoying without doing anything! That's the beauty of it. And if you want that extra 'oomph', batter your eyelashes whenever he looks at you.

4. Ask lots of questions

Here are the top questions I ask my brother nearly everyday:

What's up?
Can I play with you?
Isn't my dog so pretty?
Can I cut your hair someday?
Don't you love me?
Can I ride your future motorcycle?
Can I move in with you when we're grown up?
Don't you like my little puppy??
Aww! Isn't my doggie cute?

And so on...

5. Sing along to his favorite song. Badly

Whenever a song comes up on the radio in the car, I'd sing along off tune just for that pained look on my brother's face. Of course, he'd turn the radio up to drown my voice and eventually I'd stop. But I'll sing again a couple of minutes later.

6. Make bets you will never pay

According to Daniel, I owe him RM250 after a countless number of random bets I made with him. But we both know very well that I ain't paying up.

7. Don't follow his directions

Whenever I drive my brother around, he'd constantly give me instructions on what to do. So sometimes, when he tells me to go left, I'd go right. When he tells me to make a U-turn, I'd drive further away from the U-turn and take the longest way back.

8. Sniff. Loudly

I love it whenever Daniel reacts to that. MOM! ANNE IS SNIFFING ME AGAIN!!!

9. Poke at random times

Unlike Facebook, poking people in reality is a lot more entertaining than clicking on a button.

Also, an annoying person should know how to Take a Punch!

Having a brother who is 6ft 4inches tall and a body mass of nearly twice my size, its no laughing matter when he gets mad. Trust me.

But after years of experience, I'm not afraid when he gets mad. I've gotten used to being hit once in a while and I always get yelled at, but that's the price I have to pay to be annoying. Its all worth it though. In fact, it gets us closer each day.

See how close we are? We enjoy each other's company.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Wish Guys Would..

What happened to all the gentlemen in the world? Finding a guy with some decent manners and courtesy towards women are so rare these days! Why is it so hard for guys to be a gentleman once in a while?

You see? This is why its so hard to find a boyfriend!

Guys, we girls would really appreciate it if you...

1. Insist on paying the bill

Sure, its nice to offer to split the bill just to be polite, but we girls don't expect you to accept it. What we expect is for you to wholeheartedly, unabashedly insist on paying. That shows that you really want to make a  good impression. And also that you have cash. To go shopping. With us.

2. Hold the door open for a stranger

No doubt that its a polite gesture. To me, it proves that you have class and not afraid to show it.

3. Keep us warm

That's Barack Obama keeping his wife, Michelle warm with his jacket.
Do you see how sweet that is? 

Girls, on average get cold much easily than men. So if you really do care, risk a bit of discomfort and give us your jacket when you see us shivering. Trust me, every girl wants to be treated that way.

4. Help us with our bags

Weather its helping us to hoist our bags into the overhead compartment on an airplane or just helping us carry a heavy load to our cars, a guy's strength is definitely much appreciated. Not trying to sound sexist or anything like that, but lets face it. Guys are certainly stronger than girls. Which makes them indispensable. Especially during our shopping spree!

5. Know your 'P's and 'Q's

Remember to say 'please' and 'thank you'. It costs you nothing and it keeps everybody happy. It sounds pretty simple, but you'd be surprised how few I've seen people remembering either.


6. Smile!

There's nothing more attractive than a guy with a genuine smile. So smile! It might brighten up somebody's day. Everybody likes being smiled at :)

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