Saturday, October 30, 2010

T-shirt Nails

What do you do when that brand new shirt you bought last week has some, no, lots of rhinestones coming out after just one round in the washing machine?

Use the rhinestone on your nails!

Ta dah!!

Like, it was really annoying when I was folding the clothes that I found loads of rhinestones about and the I discovered that my shirt is losing its bling.

So here's the amount of bling bling I've gathered so far.

And if you have hung out with me quite often, you'd know that I'm pretty much obsessed about nail art.

I like painting patterns and pictures on my nails when I can, and if you've been very observant of the pictures used in my blog post, you'd see some of my creations. Like these:

Remember this one from Funtime in Singapore?

And that was from the time I went to Kelly Clarkson's concert. Click here to read all about it.

And there were loads more!

This recent number, however, is the first blinged up nail design I've ever created because I'm too cheap to buy the proper nail rhinestone :P

If you're curious, the nail polish I used are from Silkygirl, just to let you know.

But don't forget your base and top coat as well, because its also important to protect your nails from stains.

Plus, the clear coat can also be used as a glue to stick the rhinestones on your nails. And it works!

But one of the things that bugs me about making fabulous nails is that after all that hard work and extra care you do to make it look pretty, you have to take it out by Sunday because you've got school the next day.

*sigh* I can't wait till the year end holiday...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Exams Should be Illegal

If there is one wish I could have to make the school a happy place, I'd wish that exams should be banned!

Geez, like what's point of taking exams that won't be useful to us in the future like sejarah or add maths? Sure, you'd be a little smarter, but how often to people apply these knowledge in their daily lives?

No housewife would go "Gee, I wonder whats the volume of a cylinder minus the volume of water if the radius is 7 cm." when they're looking at a recipe. And no teacher would go asking their students to bring 400ml of H2O pressurized at 27p, at the temperature of 25 degrees when they're only asking for tap water!

And what's up with taking written exams for Physical Education? That doesn't even make sense! Physical Education is supposed to be for physical stuff not written stuff. If that's the case, even an obese person can get an A+ for PE.

Like wtf.

And yes, if you're wondering. I am having my final exam. 3 weeks of hell.

If only we had no exam. If only...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Accounts Hate Me!!

I tried, and I tried but I CAN'T GET MY ACCOUNTS BALANCED!! AAHHHH!!!!

Its past the deadline for our Accounts project and yet I'm not done yet. Plus, the final exam has already started and I don't have much time to revise because this project is worth 10% of my marks for my SPM exam and I need to get it done!

So many papers and ink wasted and it already cost so much.

And to top it all off, I have pimples. I have those bloody pimples which won't come out and its red!

So right now I'm supposed to be doing my Accounts but I thought I'd let you know that I won't be blogging quite regularly until the exam is over which is 9 November.

Lord give me strength...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Again!?

Remember that bitch back in Highschool who single handedly ruined your teenage life?

Guess what? She's your new sister-in-law!!

OMG, if that ever happens to me, I swear I'll take drastic measures to make her life HELL!

Which reminds me of back when I was in primary school, there's this girl named *Lulu. When I was the new kid in school, my first impression of her was that she was the nicest girl I've ever met.

Boy, was I WRONG!

She's smart, pretty, and she's very charming, except for her enormous buck teeth. Little did I know that she was absolutely, disgustingly, two-faced!

She'd stuff chicken wings into one of my friend's shirt, she'd trick me into giving her a ride to another friend's place, telling me that there's a party when she only wanted to go there to meet some boys I don't know while I sat at a corner.

She'd occasionally read the Reader's Digest and use the most newly-learned vulgar words on me like, "Anne, you are utterly ugly." and say she's just practicing. She'd push me down during PE and tell me that I'm rough and she'd take advantage on my friends by gate crashing into her house, uninvited!

Plus, she thinks she's so popular when I know PLENTY who thinks she's being a total ass too.

What's more, she's so.. open. Like she'd go "Before I get married, I wanna have sex first." or "People without armpit hair but have pubic hair are very clean! I have NO armpit hair but my pubic hair are soo LONG!"

Like, WTF!? Who cares about your friggin PUBIC HAIR!!??

Worst of all, she's so polite to the adults and always acts so sweet and innocent whenever necessary. And that makes me sick.

If I ever see her again, I just wanna...

But the reason why this lovely witch is so memorable to me is because Lulu is the most pretentious, daring, scheming, rude, egoistic 12-year-old, yes 12-year-old I've ever met!

God knows what she's like now that we're 16. I thank my lucky stars that she has moved to another country!

*name has been changed to protect the bitch.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweet Temptations

Yeah, I know. I just HAD to do it!

But its so irresistible, isn't it??

I mean, its just a boring ol' marble cake I made yesterday and I thought, "Hey! What if I put some decorations on it??"

Plus, I've been watching so many cook shows(and by cook shows, I mean YouTube) about icing a cake and stuff! And since its the holidays for me...

I just had to do it!

I mean, practicing itself is already fun enough!

When I iced my VERY FIRST cake, I swear it takes me back to my childhood days when I used to pretend to cook and make imaginary food for my world famous restaurant serving my teddy bears and Barbie dolls.

Except, now that I'm doing it, it feels so real.. wait! It is real!!!

Even mom couldn't resist icing the cake either! She's the one who did the upper boarder of the cake to avoid the crushed nuts from falling off. But between the both of us, we know that she wants to do it too.

Initially, I wanted to put the nuts at the side of the cake, but I needed to do it fast because the butter cream icing was about to melt. So mom was like "Aiyah! Just put it all over the cake!"

And I was like, "Okay, you're the mom." and I just dumped the nuts all over the cake and spread it out.

But seriously, it must be some kind of law of nature for mothers to be right about almost EVERYTHING.

Like, when I was about to go out, mom told me to bring an umbrella with me. It didn't look like it was about to rain, so I didn't take the umbrella.

Guess what? It rained.

And somehow or the other, almost ALL mothers would tell their kids the same thing!

Like before I went over to my friend's house so that we could go out together, mom would tell me, "Remember not to talk to strangers or follow someone you don't know."

So when I arrived at my friend's place and we're about to leave for the mall, HER mom said, "Remember not to talk to strangers or follow someone you don't know." Omg, it totally freaked me out!

I was like, "That's the exact same thing my mom told me before I left!" Then her mom looked at me like as if I just told her that an apple was a red fruit and said, "All mothers are supposed to know that."


Oh yeah. Back to the cake.

It was a pretty good cake, I suppose. But once I took it out of the fridge, it was friggin hard to cut it!

I think its because the cake is a marble cake (a.k.a, butter cake) which is harder than a sponge cake, the ones we usually see in a bakery.

That's why we don't usually put butter cakes in a fridge, unless we want to preserve it for a long time. But because I put icing on it, I have to put it in the fridge.

So, once its out of the fridge, we had to wait for about five minutes before we can cut it with ease. It was rather delicious anyway!

But the thing is..... I don't really like having icing on cakes, I find it quite fattening. But I LOVE putting icing on the cake!

Oh the irony.
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