Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Babies

Ahh... you have no idea how relieved I am after I've finished my last paper of our mid term exam! Its like passing out a painful, massive dump in the toilet after enduring 3 days of constipation. Yes, that's exactly how torturous our 3 weeks of exams were.
Yesterday our school celebrated teacher's day after our exams. But not many people came to school. I only came because I figured that since this is probably gonna be my last Teacher's Day, I might as well do something special for my teachers who taught me for the past 2 years.

And... hopefully this might help to raise my grades if I kiss up to them :P
So I baked them chocolate chip cookies! Not muffins. They seemed pretty happy about it.

Anyway, check out my babies whom I adopted from Cameron Highland!

There's my little family! I'm gonna take good care of my children with tender loving care. Lemme introduce them to you.

This is Diablo. Because he looks Mexican.

This is Cooper. After my future Mini Cooper S.

This is Elmo. Because he's soft and furry, but green.

This is Genevieve. She looks gorgeous but fiesty.

I named him Tullio because he looks adventurous. For a cactus.

And this cute bubbly one is Daniel. After my baby brother Daniel. Because it'll drive him nuts!

I'm glad its the holidays now. I'm gonna spend my days watching movies all day and learn new songs on my piano.

How are you gonna spend your holidays??

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Camping in Cameron Highlands

Hello my dear readers!!

Its been awhile huh? I was away last weekend on a family outing at Cameron Highlands. A great change of scene especially during the stressful week of exams.

We left early on a saturday morning to Bidor, a pretty quiet place but their food is AWESOME!! Yes, the only reason why we stopped there is to have breakfast. They're more well known for their duck noodles.

Trust me, you'll fall in love at the first bite. So good that I totally forgot to take a picture and show you what this heavenly dish looks like.

Ah yes! Another thing I love about Bidor is the Golden fruit that's sold there. I won't be surprised if you haven't heard of it, a lot of people don't know about this fruit. But out of all the markets I've been to, the only place you can find this fruit is in Bidor.

The moment I first took a bite out of that fruit, I knew. It was love.
Hmm... I tend to fall in love with food more often than guys. Oh dear...
I guess it comes to show that the way to my heart is through my tummy :P

But this Golden fruit is like some kind of legendary fruit. You can only find this fruit in Bidor when its in season. Otherwise, I can't think of anywhere else in the world you could possibly find it. And its always sold by that same old lady we see everytime we visit the place.

Look what I found at one of the stops in Cameron Highlands! I've never seen a Tong Ka Ali before...

FYI, for those who don't know what a Tong Ka Ali is, its a kind of herb that helps to increase the *ahem* man power... if you get what I mean. If not, go Google it.

Uncle Tony was so happy to find these things. I wonder why...

So happy, that he dragged in the guy who was working there to share the joy he had found.

I'm sure most Malaysians by now should know that Cameron Highlands is famous for its plantations and cool, crisp air. It was a nice break from all that reading on Physics during the ride up.

Ah... Cameron Highlands. Home of the cactus. I adopted 6 of them. I'll introduce them to you later.

Oh yeah, Daniel spotted some chickens!

Are you sure those are chickens, Daniel?

HAHAHA!! Dumbass....

There were so many unusaul plants. This one looks so christmasy!

Again, Home of the Cactuses.

My dad plucked these chillies out out that store's plant. The storekeeper wasn't so happy about it and she scolded aunty Margaret who was standing near the plant right after my dad quickly walked away. She wanted to charge us, but in the end, she let us go.

Anyway, we drove straight to the banglo houses my mom booked for us. Here's where we stayed at:

Its a nice place. Big enough for about 15 people.

Here's the living room. The housekeeper said that the chimminey is fully functionable but we didn't dare put fire in it in case we either smoke the house or get it burnt. Just in case.

This is the kitchen where we cook stuff and wash the stuff we eat on. What's it called? Oh right, plates.

I found this signboard in one of the bathrooms. Like, wtf is THAT supposed to mean?? And there's no bath tub on top of that!

Anyways, it began to rain soon. I happened to have brought some of my nail polishes to touch up on my nails and my cousin sisters were around. So... introducing my first few customers!

This is Jie jie Jennifer's nails. She wanted a French manicure with a pink 3 petal flower at the side.

This is Diana's nails. She wanted a pink background with 2 white flowers. I would've touched up a little by cleaning out the sides, but unfortunately, I forgot to bring my nail polish remover and cotton buds. Oh well, it'll peel off the skin once its dry anyway.

And this is Madeline's nails. My youngest customer. She's Jennifer's 7-year-old daughter.

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for... MAKAN TIME!!

Mmm... look at the yummy veggies!

We even had grilled meat too! Love the protein :D

OK, I know we have a bunglo house to stay in and all, my aunty Joan, Diana and I decided to camp outside for the fun of it.

It was pretty comfortable, actually. Its not very cold once you zip up the tent and snuggle in together. In fact, I think my room might be colder than that.

Next morning...

Morning aunty Joan! She's the last one to wake up. Diana and I already got up and left the tent by then because it was getting too bright in there.

And so we checked out and headed off for the next nursery.

Here's my mom and popo. Recently, I realized that my grandma's name isn't Popo, but Anna. All my life I thought her name was Popo...

Anyway, before we reached the nursery, we saw something really scary.

On the way to the nursery, I was in Diana's car during the ride. Just as we were turning a corner, a bus came by and I noticed something odd. The back door of the bus was swinging wide open and it was still moving! Then, when we were just passing the bus, I heard someone from the bus screaming while the door was still swinging by and something blue fell out of the bus.

Thank God it wasn't a person that fell out! If whoever it was that was sitting by that door just fell out, not only will he/she gets hurt, we might also be involved because that person could've fallen on top of our car and we might lose control.

So far, no news of any accidents in Cameron Highlands was reported on the newspaper recently so I guess those people were fine.

If I ever sat in a bus, I will never, ever sit anywhere near the door. Ever again.

So lets calm ourselves down by smelling(or looking at) the roses!

After the nursery, we headed to the market where all the aunties just HAD to buy loads of jagung(corn). Like seriously, Aunty Joan and Aunty Chris spent nearly 2 hours going through the entire market to taste all the corn they had to offer, choose the sweetest one and the cheapest one.

I have a bad feeling that they nearly bought all the corn in the market...

ZOMG! Look at the size of those lobaks! Its as big as the size of my arm!

And how could we forget the famous tea plantations which Cameron Highlands are well known for! Isn't it pretty??

Final picture; Me, my Godma and nephew, Luke.

How was your weekend??

Friday, May 13, 2011

The 8 Types of Blogs that Bugs Me

I spent my Friday night checking out other people's blog. Some I found interesting, others not so much.

But after going through quite a number of blogs, I've noticed a few things about some blogs which kinda irritates me to the extent that I had to leave the site after a minute of looking through.

So here are the type of blogs that bugs me.

1. The Yawn Blog

You type like this with no pictures or colors and you use the font Times New Roman in black. Bold, exclamation marks (!), colored fonts or even :) is a taboo in your blog. Worst, is if you use bombastic words like metamorphosis or supercalifragelisticitspialidocious. Sure, you'd sound really intelligent, but all you'd get from me is *yawn*.
2. The Overly Creative Blog

duDE, tHi$ I$ SooO n0T cRE@tiV3. T#i$ i$ @ hEaDAc#3 aNd hArD 2 rEaD. EvEn i'M gEtTinG a HeAdAcH3 WriTinG lik3 ThIs....
Not only are you getting the reader really annoyed, you're also making yourself look like a moron.

3. The Emo Blog
'Today is the worst day of my life...again.'
'I cut myself today, tastes like salt and misery. My favorite....' 'Nobody loves me, I go die now. Bye bye!' 'AHHH!! BARBIE DOLLS AND RAINBOWS! NOOO!!!!' 'I hate everything...'
Come on! Lighten up for once! Reading your blog makes me so depressed... and annoyed. Every post is about your lost love or how nobody cares about you and stuff.

Basically, I don't really like people who frowns all day and just reeks of pure negativity.

4. The Musical Blog

OK, this kind of blog don't really bug me so much. Don't get me wrong, but I LOVE music. Really, I do. Problem is that most bloggers tend to put up a playlist on their blog which automatically plays their favorite tunes once you open their site.

I'm not saying that its bad if you wanna share your favorite songs with the world, but the moment I open up a blog which has a playlist, I close it after a few seconds even if its a good blog.

Why? Because I might be listening to MY own song and your song is interrupting it. So I'd close it. OR if I don't like the song, I'd close it down too.

Unless your blog is really worth reading so that I'll scroll down to the playlist to pause the music, I'd rather not visit blogs with playlists on it.

5. The Dead Blog

I come visit your blog, read the post and leave. 4 months later, I come back again and I STILL see the same post I saw 4 months ago which had been posted up 9 months ago.

If you couldn't be bothered to even update your blog at least once every 2 weeks, I'd deem your blog as dead. RIP, blog.

6. The Too-Many-Widget Blog

Sure, its cool that you have lots of widgets on your blog. But that increases the time taken to load your blog. I'm not very patient, so if your blog takes too long to load, I'll just leave.

7. The Blog That Won't Shut Up

I'm not asking you to literally shut up, but if you tend to post long winded blog posts, I wouldn't be very interested in reading it. Unless you think you are confident enough the grab the readers' attention, I suggest you especially don't post long essys on your blog because I came to read for pleasure.

So if you could possibly write short and straight forward posts, I'd appreciate that.

8. The Uneventful Blog

'Today I go to school. Never do homework. Teachers scold. I sad. Come back home, eat lunch. Very nice. Go take a s**t, very big one. As big as a banana. Sleep.'

Believe it or not, I did come across a blog like this once. But I've forgoten how to get there again. Like, wtf? The only thing that caught my attention was how big was your s**t.

If you plan to post a pointless blog, I don't see any point in reading it either.

And there you are! The 8 types of blogs that ain't my cup of tea. Maybe my blog isn't your cup of tea either but every blog reflects on the writer's character.

So I may not like those types of blogs I've mentioned earlier, but it might be the kind of blogs others may like. Oh well, different people have different tastes.

But despite all the negativity, there were some blogs I did like. Here are some of the things I look for in an interesting blog. Click here!

OK, something totally unrealated here. Recently, my mom got me a new tutor for add maths. About time too, because even though I haven't been taking any tuition for any subject other than BM all my life, I think its about time I get help on this subject because I seriously don't get it.

Problem is that mom is worried that my tutor may be a young man because all we know is that my tutor is a male with 9 years of experience in this job.

We have neither seen nor spoken to him yet. But does it matter if the guy isn't old? Like omg, I think she's worried that I might have an affair with my add maths tutor! HAHAHA!!!

Like hell am I gonna hook up with some guy in his 30's! That's too old. I assumed he's probably at least in his 30's because of his 9 years of experience in tutoring.

Anyway, if you're taking your mid term exams as well, good luck!

UPDATE: Mom's worst fears have come true; the guy is in his 30's and he's a uni student. However, I'm kinda disappointed that he's chinese speaking and I have a feeling that he can't speak english so well. Worst part is if he starts speaking to me in chinese, I'd look like an idiot because I can't speak chinese myself considering that I am one. Urrgh... I am such a banana (white on the inside, yellow on the outside. Do the math.)!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mummy Dearest

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mommies in the world, especially you mum.

I may not say it often, but inside, I really do appreciate all the little things you do for us everyday. And so, I would like to thank you for...

the nine months that you carried me

the tender loving care you gave me as I grew up

the days when you nurse me back to health when I am sick

the punishments you gave me when I misbehave so that I can be a better person

the encouragement you give me in everything that I do

the meals you lovingly cooked for us everyday

the morning hugs you give me everyday

my 17th birthday party

helping me choose a nice confirmation name

today's lunch which included steamed eggs. My favorite.

There are a thousand things I haven't thanked you for, but bottom line is;
Thank you for bringing me into this world.

I love you mom and Happy Mother's Day.

God bless all the mothers in the world.

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