Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Would You Handle a Breakup?

Omg! Imagine what if I did that to my ex-boyfriend... watch this awesome music video...

LOL! I don't think I'll ever do that. I'm not THAT violent :P

But when I had my first 'heartbreak', I felt so miserable and kept crying at night. But at least it wasn't the extreme Emo-style miserable where I cut myself, eat chocolates till I weigh a ton or vomit on purpose,...etc, etc,....

And no,.... I did not try to kill the poor fellow.

But come to think of it, I was like what? 13? I was a kid for goodness sake! Its not like my life is over or anything.

Which comes to the topic of this guy named Alvis. Apparently on Facebook, he wrote a suicide note before jumping off his apartment floor to his death last year. The reason of his suicide? His girlfriend broke up with him.

I know this is old news, but its been happening all over the world. Heck, even crazy shits have been happening in my family because of Love. And I don't mean the love among families, I mean the kind of love that keeps you isolated from real life. From the people who truly loves you for who you are.

Although I'm saddened by Alvis's sudden death, I simply cannot sympathise with him. You know why? Because what he did was truly the most selfish thing I've ever seen. Yes, you're broken hearted, but what about the people that loved you and are concerned about you? They don't matter to you? You think this is all about you??

What about your ex-girlfriend? You say this isn't her fault, but you sure are making it look like as if its all her fault. If you truly loved her, you would have moved on to make her happy. But noo! You had to go kill yourself and make her look bad and haunt her memories probably for the rest of her life!

And what about your parents? They'd probably be devastated and broken hearted for a long time and at what cost? So that you'll feel better and no longer feel any pain? Well congratulations! Now everybody is broken hearted because of you.

This is especially happening to teenagers who are involved in relationships. They meet, fall in love and are already thinking of what to name their babies.

Then as soon as one breaks up with the other, there is no future for him/her, there is no reason to live...

What the hell are they talking about!!??

We have practically lived less than a quarter of our lives and as soon as we had a bump on the way, the journey is over? There's no life ahead of us? SCREW YOU!

I want to travel, I want to do outrageous stuff, I want to make it out there and make my name be known to many. I don't wanna be strapped down serving my future husband and kids as soon as I hit 20, I wanna be free for Pete's sake!! ARRGHH!!!

Sometimes, it just amazes me that there are so many teens my age who are such drama Queens =.=

Speaking about looking forward to stuff, I'm finally gonna celebrate my 17th birthday for the first time in 8 years! And this time, its a big party. Yay! Can't wait.

Also, I got invited by Nuffnang to watch Burlesque 10 DAYS before its official screening! DOUBLE YAY!!

And and and, I'll be having my Confirmation this year (its a christian thing) so I gotta pick my new christian middle name. YAY YAY YAY!!!

I've thought of a few names so far is either Anne Marie or Anne Marilyn. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

I'm looking for a saint's name and it has to be two syllables.

And at last! I'm officially on Chinese New year break! Finally!! Happy Holidays everyone!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Fight to the Death

That's right people, get ready for a bloody battle because Roann and I are getting ready to fight to the death! YEEAAHH!!!!

And the challenge is....
the cross country race....

Ok lah, I know its not gonna be bloody and you guys must've been wondering whats up with the water pictures of us; I couldn't find any other pictures that was sporty enough :P

Still! It will be a sweaty battle. Maybe even with some blood involved like during the race, I'd kick her down, then Roann grabs my leg and trips me and after that... well you know lah, there'll be a HUGE cat fight.

A bloody battle indeed...

So our bet is that the loser has to post the picture of the winner posing with a medal as her profile picture on Facebook for a week. Scary huh?

Right now, I'm training as we speak. Yeah, that's right Roann, I'm running with my laptop strapped onto me while posting this blog. BE AFRAID!

May the best woman win.

Oh! And she's helping me plan my 17th birthday party too! Its gonna be fun!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pfft.. 1 Malaysia my Butt!

Yesterday I received this video via e-mail about the recent speech given by the UMNO Titiwangsa Division chief.

Watch be be amazed by the arrogance of this one man who thinks he could win the election now with the votes of Malays, and only Malays.

A brave yet disgusting speech, Ybhg Datuk Johari Bin Abdul Ghani. You certainly have balls but you have no brain.

Do you seriously think you can get all 32,000 votes from Malays only? Do you think all Malays are like YOU? Maybe other Malays with good sense wouldn't give a damn about you anymore. Hasn't it even occurred to you that now that you have created disharmony among our country you are the #1 Asshole of Malaysia?? Huh? HUH?

Don't need the Chinese and Indians eh? Fine! We don't need you.

Lets see you win the election now. Bastard.

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Week of School was...

Its hard to believe that I'm now in Form 5; my last year of high school. How time flies!

It felt like as if it was only yesterday I was 7 years old. An unknown chapter of my life which has yet to be discovered. 10 years later I find myself getting ready for my SPM, celebrating my 17th birthday, taking my confirmation, applying for my driver's licence and the list goes on..

OK, now that we're through with the mushy part, here's an update about my first week of school.

On the first day of school, my friend Lee Jet Shi and I who have been sitting next to each other since Form 4 have agreed that we'd sit in the 2nd row or somewhere near the front because sitting at the back of the class last year SUCKS what with not being able to listen to the soft spoken teachers or getting distracted by the talkative ones behind and stuff.

And so we were tired of it!

We sat at the 2nd column, 4th row.

So during assembly, we wanted to sit in front of the girl's line so that we can enter the class before the others does. However, there was one little problem...

The boys' line is supposed to be in front of the girls' line so they might want to sit in front as well! Then I had a plan; because our class is now at the top floor, I thought that while the others take the normal staircase up the class, I'd follow them up till one floor below our class and run to the opposite staircase where nobody uses it and run into the class and find the best seat possible.

Jet Shi however was erm... too scared to 'break the rules' so I had to complete the mission alone...

When I reached the class, I took the second row which I thought was a pretty good place. Jet Shi sat next to me and we thought like 'Hey! Mission accomplished!'

But that was just the beginning!

It never dawned upon us that perhaps some of my classmates may have liked their previous seats last year and didn't want to change. Soon, there were arguments and people going "That's my seat!", "No, its my seat! I got here first!" and stuff like that...

So we were in a pretty awkward position. I felt bad that I may have taken their place but come on! Its a new year! And a new year come with new changes so we have a right to change our seats!

After that, our new class teacher entered, our seats were settled and Jet Shi and I sat at the front row. Jet Shi wasn't very comfortable sitting at the 1st row, but I think she's getting used to it. I hope.

Because its either that, or we have to sit waay at the back again. No thank you!

Also, I happy to say that I'm not the Class Monitor or Assistant this year! I'm free of all responsibility! Yay!

So congratulations to our new class Monitor... *drumrolls*





Chan Wai Loon (the guy on the left)

And our Assistant Monitor...

Leng Hui Yuen! Yay!!
Good luck you two (you're gonna need it). I know you'll take good care of our class this year!!

The days went by smoothly though there were some rough bumps on the way when I collected all my text books, missed my ride so I had to take the bus, missed the bus, took the next bus, missed my stop and I had to walk all the way home with a mountain of text books in my arms as well as my school bag that weighs a ton.

However, Eric did help me carry some of my books during the ride in the bus.

Thanks Eric!

By the time I got home, my arms were on fire and I could barely lift up my spoon when I was having lunch.

On Friday, the final day of the first week of school, we met our new Accounts teacher. We will call him Buddy though that's not his real name. I just like that name.

Buddy's a discipline teacher so everybody was kinda nervous at first. He came in with a big rotan.

Then he told us that he is 'hamsap' (perverted) and suggested that we girls have to wear a Baju Kurung for his sake. Wtf...

Turns out that although he is very strict, he's also quite funny. I think he's much better compared to our last year's accounts teacher, Mrs. Potato. Yes, I like that name too.

How was YOUR first week of school??

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's Resolution 2011

1. This year, I'll try to control my addiction of buying nail polishes whenever I see one... after I get that white striper polish... and maybe that midnight blue one I saw the other day at Watsons but I didn't have any money that time.

2. I'll use the gym more often and maybe try lifting 10 pound weights this time. Gotta upgrade sometime soon...

3. I'll study hard for my SPM this year. I nearly cried when I saw my final year's exam result...

4. I'll be more active in school and take part in more activities.

5. I will be more open and friendly.

And finally... I will be nicer to my brother and stop driving him up the wall...


HAHAHA!! Yeah, fat hopes Daniel!

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