Saturday, May 29, 2010

NOOO!!! Crystal Bowersox LOST!??

No, it can't be, it can't be! This must be some sort of curse or something...


*sniff* Crystal..... WHY!? You were soo awesome! How could you lose!!??

Its always like this every year. Last year was REEAALLLY disappointing. Adam Lambert had the Oomph! He had the voice, the style, everything but a straight dick.

So what if he's gay? I don't give a damn even if he wears a dress for all I care... ok, maybe a bit.... BUT STILL!

Yeah, I'm surprised that you won too, Lee.

And this year is ol' Simon Cowell's last year on idol. More disappointment... he's one of the reasons why I watch this show. His comments are harsh, but honest and straight to the point.

I'm gonna miss that bastard...

Its official, American Idol is gonna be absolute crap.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Readup #9

Wow, been doing so many random readups lately...

What's up my dear readers! I've been neglecting my blog lately and I will make it up to you. Things have been pretty busy lately. Check out the things that have been going on so far:

Well first of all, there's our church play based on the story of St. Jean Marie Vianney; the farm boy who became a priest despite all the trials he has gone through and the years of torments from the devil.

The guy on the left is Victor playing the big role as St. Jean, voiced over by Russell. The boy on the right is one of the characters who taught St. Jean Latin.

I have a role too, but its a small one. I'm one of the kitchen maids who kneads the dough and stuff and I have to tell St. Jean that there isn't any more supplies and he prays for it and then POOF! There's food in the cupboard!

To be honest, I originally wanted to take that role so that I could be part of the play for the first and last time AND I get to play with dough on stage.

There are dancers.

And there's the choir.

And there's Roann and I! Gee, she's been featured a lot in my blog posts lately...

Not only I was involved in a play, there's also our BEC church zone's Family Day. We youths have to plan the games and entertainment.

So this is the venue of the event:

Its in Hulu Langat; the place where I used to study back when I was in Seri Suria. Its nice to go by the familiar roads which I used to take in the mornings whenever I go to school. Ah! Good times, good times...

Plus, I've been playing by the rivers so many times and I can't believe I've never seen this place before especially since its just a 2 minute drive away!

Once again, there's Roann in the pink shirt.

Check it out! There's even places where you could pitch your tents!

And there's the place where the event will take place! Its a 10 minute walk uphill there,

Look how calm and clear the waters are.

There's even a few built in BBQ pits too!

Also, mom wanted to have her kitchen renovated so in the meantime, things are a bit crowded here with all the stuff taken out from the kitchen.

The kitchen is all sealed up so that no one could go in, but, there's a small entrance by the side just in case we need to go in.

I did go in the kitchen before, but, I'd like to keep the suspense for my readers and surprise you later. Midterm exams are here and I hope you do well for your studies, at least, one of of us will :S

Friday, May 14, 2010

Teacher's Day With SMKBBSL


It was a blast coming to school today! I didn't want to come in the first place, but, because my friends are performing, I came just to see them.

The students from the afternoon session came to join us too and there were plenty of performances by the students. There was the choir group

And there were some who was beatboxing, danced, sang and there were even two bands; one Malay and the other Chinese.

And there was my favorite, the drama my class made up called 'The New Kid'. It was a title I just made up when I did the script. I did it as fast as possible for the next day. But later, they used a new script made by someone else using the original one by me. It was much longer and more Malaysian like as the language is more 'Manglish' as I call it. Both malay and english.

Haha! I guess I'm a little too english :p

OK, I guess you must be wondering what's the story like so, I'll just give you the basic idea.

So the story starts with a new kid named Azmir(our class moniter) that enters the class. He was doing homework when the gangsters of the class approached him and disapproved of him doing homework. So, they took him under their wing and taught him 'how to live'.

A week later, Neville, one of the gangsters starts dancing and moonwalking to the song 'Billy Jean' by Michael Jackson, RIP. And then, the whole group starts dancing to Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'. SOO COOL!

Then, the teacher comes in, tells them to stop but they won't listen. It was at that time when the discipline teacher comes in and they all got in trouble. Meanwhile, the teacher called their parents.

At home, Azmir comes home and got one heck of a bollocking by his mother(Wen Peng, she's the director) telling him how his father left them and how hard she has to work and yadi yadi ya....

Azmir then storms out of the house after being punished by his mother. While he was out, his mother was unconcious because of asthma.

And it so happened that Azmir's teacher came to visit, saw his mom, revived her, called Azmir and then he rushes back home. It was soo damn dramatic; they had sad background music when they had reunited and there was touching speeches like Azmir saying he's sorry and his mom saying that he's forgiven and stuff like that.

The next day, Azmir was doing his homework again in school and his new friends persuaded him to dance again. He bangs the table saying that they should be learning and stuff and you get the deal; teacher feels touched and all's well that ends well.


I guess its a pretty good drama, I really enjoyed watching it and I applause!

Oh yeah! I was also a hired papparazi photographer taking pictures of a few specified people by request. I'd take pictures of really handsome guys or pretty girls for a certain someone who will kill me if I ever told a soul about their identity. So don't bother asking me, I won't budge.

Sometimes, I'd shout just to get that person's attention. And if there's no way I could get a good shot of them, I'd even go up to them personally and tell them that I want their picture for a certain reason. No prob.

Oh! And if you catch me taking pictures of you, I'm not a stalker; I'm a hired stalker. Take it as a compliment, it means someone likes you :D

So if there's a special someone you'd want a picture of, contact me. I'm available ^.~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Readup #8

Whew! What a week! A lot of things and happenings are going around in my school SMKBBSL. First of all, our school has this new 'outdoor classroom' where there's gonna be tables and chairs along with a white board at the assembly hall.

Apparently, this new classroom is meant for students who don't wanna study. But, what's the point of creating a classroom for those who don't wanna learn? Its also meant as a form of punishment where you'll be seen by everybody as a humiliation.

In my opinion, I think studying in a classroom like that sounds like a fresh change! Sure, you'll be recognised by everybody, but, when you see someone you know, you could just say hi and stuff and its not like they're intruding or anything, there are no walls!

Oh! And because Teacher's Day is coming soon, my classmates wanted to do a performance on that day. They wanted to do a drama about bad kids and stuff and I was asked to make the script.

I'm telling you ah, these 'gangsters' in the play especially cut their hair bald so that they'll look mean and tough. But, so far, people just keep laughing at them. Their hair is cut like the NS style like cousin Aaron. His head feels like a tennis ball. A wet, oily, tennis ball :S

Even the history teacher called them 'The Botak Gang' lolz!

Even now, my life has been active for the past few weeks. My friend Roann and I need to lose weight, so, we both agreed to meet up every Wednesday and Fridays at the Club to play badminton and go swimming. So far, we've been keeping up to our schedules and we did lose a few pounds.

Sometimes, on Satudays, I follow my mom to the gym as well and I ran for 6km! I couldn't believe I could do it either! I just did it, and I didn't feel any pain whatsoever.

Ah! I've been getting so many stuff to do involving writing; the scripts, letter writing, e-mails, homework and so much more!

Plus, judgement day(mid term exam) is coming soon. Oh boy!

Have a great week!

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