Sunday, September 11, 2011

Things to do Before I Leave Highschool

I realize that this is gonna be THE year; my very last year of high school. So to make the most of what I have, here are some of the things I would like to do before I graduate...

1. Make my mark in the school

Yes, weather it means I have to spray paint my name all over the school, or be part of a mural, I wanna make my mark in the school. 

2. Smile at random people all day

Even if it means some people might misinterpret it wrongly (trust me, it has happened before), I think a smile brightens up anybody's day.

3. Get into trouble

Not something too serious like getting suspended or something like that, maybe get caught for my awesome nails or playing a prank on the teacher. Which brings me to...

4. Play a prank 

I wanna play some random pranks on random people. Weather its the teachers, the students, or you, Pushpa. Yes, I'm talking to you. Watch out...

5. Play Hide and Seek

Ooh! We have to do it someday guys, come on!

6. Get the highest score in class for something other than English

Not to brag or anything, but I've always been getting the highest score in English too many times, I barely keep track or yell 'WOOHOO!' anymore since primary school.

7. Eat nothing but canteen food all day

Gotta get my digestive pills ready...

8. Moonwalk down the corridor

I'm gonna do it!

9. Blow my first Bubble gum

Just you wait people, I vow to blow a stupid bubble out of gum and nothing's gonna stop me! Even if takes all year, I'm determined to emerge victorious!

10. Use the teacher's toilet

Oops, sorry teacher. Couldn't hold it any longer.

11. Dance in front of the CCTV camera

Attention all students, STOP DANCING AND GET BACK TO CLASS!

12. Win several arm wrestling matches

So far, I beat 2 guys at it. Still up for another round, Eric Nathan??

13. Cycle to school in a pinafore

I hope my skirt don't fly up on the way...

14. Sing a karaoke at random places in school

Weather in the classroom, the bio lab or even in a toilet stall, I shall sing randomly and watch the reaction of the people nearby me.

15. Compliment some random stranger in school

For a day, I will give random compliments to people including total strangers and that guard at the guardhouse. He needs a reason to smile.

16. Bake cookies and give it away for fun

Who doesn't like cookies??

17. Go planking at random places

Might as well be temporarily stupid before I leave, eh?

18. Go to the top of the building and scream... something...


19. Write happy notes on post-its and stick them at random places in school

Have a good day!

20. Start talking to different groups of people in my class

While I'm in high school, I gotta suck it up, get over my fear of people and start talking to other people in my class. Honestly, why can't we all mix around?


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