Friday, May 13, 2011

The 8 Types of Blogs that Bugs Me

I spent my Friday night checking out other people's blog. Some I found interesting, others not so much.

But after going through quite a number of blogs, I've noticed a few things about some blogs which kinda irritates me to the extent that I had to leave the site after a minute of looking through.

So here are the type of blogs that bugs me.

1. The Yawn Blog

You type like this with no pictures or colors and you use the font Times New Roman in black. Bold, exclamation marks (!), colored fonts or even :) is a taboo in your blog. Worst, is if you use bombastic words like metamorphosis or supercalifragelisticitspialidocious. Sure, you'd sound really intelligent, but all you'd get from me is *yawn*.
2. The Overly Creative Blog

duDE, tHi$ I$ SooO n0T cRE@tiV3. T#i$ i$ @ hEaDAc#3 aNd hArD 2 rEaD. EvEn i'M gEtTinG a HeAdAcH3 WriTinG lik3 ThIs....
Not only are you getting the reader really annoyed, you're also making yourself look like a moron.

3. The Emo Blog
'Today is the worst day of my life...again.'
'I cut myself today, tastes like salt and misery. My favorite....' 'Nobody loves me, I go die now. Bye bye!' 'AHHH!! BARBIE DOLLS AND RAINBOWS! NOOO!!!!' 'I hate everything...'
Come on! Lighten up for once! Reading your blog makes me so depressed... and annoyed. Every post is about your lost love or how nobody cares about you and stuff.

Basically, I don't really like people who frowns all day and just reeks of pure negativity.

4. The Musical Blog

OK, this kind of blog don't really bug me so much. Don't get me wrong, but I LOVE music. Really, I do. Problem is that most bloggers tend to put up a playlist on their blog which automatically plays their favorite tunes once you open their site.

I'm not saying that its bad if you wanna share your favorite songs with the world, but the moment I open up a blog which has a playlist, I close it after a few seconds even if its a good blog.

Why? Because I might be listening to MY own song and your song is interrupting it. So I'd close it. OR if I don't like the song, I'd close it down too.

Unless your blog is really worth reading so that I'll scroll down to the playlist to pause the music, I'd rather not visit blogs with playlists on it.

5. The Dead Blog

I come visit your blog, read the post and leave. 4 months later, I come back again and I STILL see the same post I saw 4 months ago which had been posted up 9 months ago.

If you couldn't be bothered to even update your blog at least once every 2 weeks, I'd deem your blog as dead. RIP, blog.

6. The Too-Many-Widget Blog

Sure, its cool that you have lots of widgets on your blog. But that increases the time taken to load your blog. I'm not very patient, so if your blog takes too long to load, I'll just leave.

7. The Blog That Won't Shut Up

I'm not asking you to literally shut up, but if you tend to post long winded blog posts, I wouldn't be very interested in reading it. Unless you think you are confident enough the grab the readers' attention, I suggest you especially don't post long essys on your blog because I came to read for pleasure.

So if you could possibly write short and straight forward posts, I'd appreciate that.

8. The Uneventful Blog

'Today I go to school. Never do homework. Teachers scold. I sad. Come back home, eat lunch. Very nice. Go take a s**t, very big one. As big as a banana. Sleep.'

Believe it or not, I did come across a blog like this once. But I've forgoten how to get there again. Like, wtf? The only thing that caught my attention was how big was your s**t.

If you plan to post a pointless blog, I don't see any point in reading it either.

And there you are! The 8 types of blogs that ain't my cup of tea. Maybe my blog isn't your cup of tea either but every blog reflects on the writer's character.

So I may not like those types of blogs I've mentioned earlier, but it might be the kind of blogs others may like. Oh well, different people have different tastes.

But despite all the negativity, there were some blogs I did like. Here are some of the things I look for in an interesting blog. Click here!

OK, something totally unrealated here. Recently, my mom got me a new tutor for add maths. About time too, because even though I haven't been taking any tuition for any subject other than BM all my life, I think its about time I get help on this subject because I seriously don't get it.

Problem is that mom is worried that my tutor may be a young man because all we know is that my tutor is a male with 9 years of experience in this job.

We have neither seen nor spoken to him yet. But does it matter if the guy isn't old? Like omg, I think she's worried that I might have an affair with my add maths tutor! HAHAHA!!!

Like hell am I gonna hook up with some guy in his 30's! That's too old. I assumed he's probably at least in his 30's because of his 9 years of experience in tutoring.

Anyway, if you're taking your mid term exams as well, good luck!

UPDATE: Mom's worst fears have come true; the guy is in his 30's and he's a uni student. However, I'm kinda disappointed that he's chinese speaking and I have a feeling that he can't speak english so well. Worst part is if he starts speaking to me in chinese, I'd look like an idiot because I can't speak chinese myself considering that I am one. Urrgh... I am such a banana (white on the inside, yellow on the outside. Do the math.)!


  1. Nice posting, but your final banana comment about yourself unfortunately just reminded me of your description from the 'Uneventful Blog' lol!

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