Saturday, November 19, 2011

Traditional Outfits

Many people would've known by now that I have been selected to participate in a student exchange programme to ITALY for about 2-3 months.

I've been applying for this student exchange programme since the beginning of this year and I didn't dare announce my trip to Italy because I didn't want to jinx it. 

BUT since its been confirmed that I'm selected, I've got my host family and I know when's my departure date to Rome, I guess its time I'd let my readers know that I may or may not blog while I'm there because I don't know if there's gonna be wi-fi over in Italy.

According to the letter I received, it says that I have to prepare some info, pictures, our Malaysian flag and I have to bring a traditional outfit there.

I don't normally wear any traditional outfit of any sorts and I'd like to wear an outfit that wouldn't make me freeze to death in Italy because I've gotta feeling that its gonna be cold there. You see my problem?

I think a Baju Kebaya (traditional Malay outfit) looks nice, but I don't know if its gonna be warm enough for me over there...

I've worn a Punjabi outfit (traditional Indian clothes) too....

I've heard that the Sari (another traditiona Indian outfit) is pretty hot, but...

The middle may be a little exposed and my tummy easily gets cold. Besides, what if I liked Italian food so much, I got fat and look super ugly in a sari???

And then I thought about my own traditional costume which is a cheongsam, because I'm a chinese. The problem is that nobody wears a Cheongsam and hardly anyone sells it either.

Another problem is that to wear a Cheongsam, you should have a good figure to wear it because its such a shapely outfit and its probably one of the most sexiest traditional outfits ever! How the heck can I pull it off?

If I wanna wear a traditional outfit which keeps me warm, hide my figure, and keep me close to my Chinese roots, I might as well wear this outfit:

Woohoo! An outfit from the Tang Dynasty. Hat included. Now THAT's a traditional outfit!

Unfortunately, nobody from this century even sells or wear it because its ridiculous to wear something like that in a scorching hot weather like ours.

I need help. 
What kind of traditional costume should I wear to Italy???
Leave a comment with your opinion.

Come to think of it, why is it that in a multi- racial country like Malaysia, only the Chinese NEVER wear their own traditional costumes unlike the Indians and Malays?

Hmmm.... you can also leave a comment about that too if you like. I think its because its too sexy to wear in public.

Oh yeah, my first week of SPM wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Except last Thursday, which was Math. Usually, I thought Maths was a piece of cake. I mean, it always has been before....

Until I realized that 5 minutes before time was up, I realized that I shaded 10 questions wrong because I skipped 3 questions by mistake! Total chaos!

I barely had time to shade the answer sheet correctly and answer the 3 questions correctly before the examiner collected our papers. By the time I got to the last question, the examiner told us to put down our pencils because time's up.

Nevertheless, I ignored her and finally thought of the correct answer and shaded it properly just seconds before she took away my paper. Thank God I got everything right just in time.

Of all things to happen, I can't believe I panicked during maths, the easiest subject ever! And I think I know why. Its because I didn't wear pink underwear that day unlike the rest of the week because I ran out of them. 

On the bright side, Math paper 2 was definitely easy to answer. I had no problem there.

Btw, Pink is my lucky color according to my horoscope. Yes, believe it or not, I actually believe this shit. Don't judge me.

Wish me luck for my next few papers!

P.S. I can't believe I'm sharing the color of my underwear to the world. Must be the stress that's causing me to think irrationally. Oh well.

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  1. LOL I'm recommending a baju kebaya
    1. Nyonyas wear it. Not Malays, so it's like the perfect (and most accurate!) Traditional costume for a malaysian chinese x)

    2. the cutting makes you look super langsing even when it's loose

    3. you can find one anywhere

    Hope this helps!!


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