Thursday, December 31, 2009

Say Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010!

Its New Year's Eve, Christmas is over and I'm still stuck here in my room. We're nearly at the end of 2009 like as if it just comes and goes.

First of all, lets list out some of the good times that happened this year:

1. Michael Jackson, along with Farrah Faucet has passed away and moved on to their next life. *a moment of peace*

2. Chris Brown beat Rihanna.

3. Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with.... lots of women.

4. The massive earthquakes in the Philippines.

5. The economic crisis.

6. Adam Lambert got 2nd place in American Idol.

Hmm...... isn't this a little on the negative side?
But on the other hand, we've discovered a new disease! H1N1!

Wait.... never mind....

Okay, so yeah, 2009 pretty much sucked 50% but lets look at the brighter side of 2009!

1. America has elected its first black president (and this one is waay better than the last guy ermm... George Bush?)

2. Sophia (my cousin's wife) is pregnant again! Congratulations!

3. I officialy became one of the BRATs!

4. I had my article published in an international sports magazine!

5. Tiger Woods got beaten up by his wife. Justice is served!

6. I actually traveled overseas without my parents for the first time to Australia.

I guess in conclusion, there were some ups and downs in 2009 but, being humans, we can take it!

Have a jolly new year! Happy 2010!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Presents, Babies and Turkies!

Merry Christmas everybody! It was Christmas day and we had an excellent feast that night! Highlight meal of the night; roast turkey! Its like a traditional Christmas you'd see from the movies, the only thing missing to the picture is snow falling from the midnight sky!

For the first time this Christmas, even my dad's side of the family came to celebrate christmas with us, even when they're not christians. I think this could be one of the best Christmas ever!

The food was excellent! Even better than excellent, if possible. Compliments to the chefs (aka, mom and the aunties)!

Did I mention that we also made chocolate fondue?

I really enjoyed the chocolate very much; its warm and creamy, and... chocolaty!

There's also the two baby girls; one from my mom's side of the family and the other from my dad's side of the family. Aren't they adorable?

Meet little Vanessa and Catherine!

So I'll skip to the next day; Boxing day! So to all those who may not be familiar with this day, boxing day, which is on the 26th December is actually the day when we open our presents. Most people who are not aware of this day usually open their presents on Christmas day itself, which is not usually part of the Christmas tradition. Thus, Boxing day isn't really that well-known even when its one of the most important days of Christmas!

This year, the presents are rather small compared to last year. But, at least they're quite useful. Majority of my presents are mainly pursus, bags, more pouches...

I also received some good books and cash (the most practical but popular gift ever)!

And now, the most interesting present I've ever received in the year 2009 is......

A ballroom dance kit! (only RM29.90)
So if there ever was a ballroom dance party, don't forget to invite me!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas the Days Before X-mas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!! Its christmas day and I'm in such a christmasy mood! Before Christmas day arrived, there was PLENTY to do before the big day came. For example, christmas carols!

Lights and decorations!

And not forgetting lots of food!

Along with the bakeries.

After all this, I've already made up my mind; for my new year resolution, I'm walking to school!

Once again, Merry Christmas everybody! More christmas updates and pictures are coming your way soon. Its time to open my presents! Yay!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Victoria Market & Christmas Conserts (Goodbye, Melbourne)

Aww... it was my last day in Melbourne and I really wished I had taken my mum's offer to stay a bit longer here. This time, we went to a place which is familiar to me; the famous Victoria Market!

I've been looking forward all this time to visit that place again, especially to eat one of those American doughnuts! I've been told that these wonderful doughnuts are always sold out everyday and I'm not surprised! Unlike most doughnuts, this particular one does not have a hole in the middle. It has always been served fresh and warm with strawberry jam inside and sprinkled with sugar all over! Usually, I'm the type of person who's not into junk food or doughnuts for that matter but its soo good, that I couldn't resist!

Everything sold in the market are always well displayed. For example, the butchers displays their meat by arranging them in such a way that you can't resist making a purchase! The minced meat are arranged to look like the shape of a mini tower.

There's all kinds of stuff that you don't usually see in Malaysia; rabbits(skinless), buffalo buttocks, kangaroo meat, turkey(damn huge), and all kinds of stuff! To be honest, I kinda freaked out when I saw a bunch of skinless rabbits on display; I've never thought rabbits are edible because they're so cute and cuddley, but, apparently they are.

In Australia, rabbits are considered as pests as there are so many of them that a whole family of rabbits could bring a house down!

There's also a few places where they sell souveniers, but I didn't buy any (I'm a scrooge, you see). They sell almost anything; leather, skins, lights, T-shirts, you name it! Unfortunately though, there wasn't enough time for us to explore any further as it was about time for them to close!

I know, I know, I just had to show you that!

Check it out! Its a subway toilet! I wished I had to pee then as an excuse to use it, but I was in the car that time.

Later in the evening, we went to visit my little cousin Samuel's school as his school was having a christmas concert! Initially, the plan was that the families were to have a picnic in the school compound before the concert begins. But, because it was about to rain, the picnic was cancelled and we went straight for the concert.

The place was packed full with parents, teachers, relatives and students! When the performance began, all the parents were armed with either a camera or a video camera, waiting anxiously for their kid's performance.

The concert was great! The children seemed to be enjoying themsleves as they sing and danced with their classmates for the school and their families.

Samuel looked soo cute with his 'antlers' on!

I hope you can see this, Samuel....

Wah! This fellow ah, I'm telling you, the first thing after dinner was that he took his 'antler' headband and began to open the whole thing up just so to look at the wirings and kill the music attached to it.

Behold! The undead reindeer!

At about 10 p.m, it was time for my brother and I to leave to the airport. We were so sorry to leave! Outside the house, it was freezing cold and dark that I shivered the moment I stepped outside the garage.
And so here I am, back in Malaysia trying to get used to the weather here. It was so hot, that I practically melted the whole day. But now, I'm quite alright with the weather here. Although I regret declining mom's offer to let us stay in Australia a bit longer, I'm happy that at least I was there after all. I'll never forget the times I spent in Australia without my parents for the first time!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Werribee Zoo

It was a really hot day that wednesday even the cold wind didn't help very much. The sun was scorching and the sky was so clear that not a cloud was to be seen. It was also the day we chose to visit the Zoo as I've never been to a zoo in Melbourne before. Not only that, it was the last day I was to spend in Melbourne.
As Angelyne had already finished her school term and is now officially on holiday, Samuel took leave from school just to spend time with us. The night before, I experienced food poisoning and vomited 3 times and stayed up during the rest of the night with very little sleep. Fortunately for me, Aunt Catherine stayed up late too and took such good care of me and I am very grateful for that.

Although I recovered right after I vomited the 3rd time, my stomach felt sore in a way like you've been exercising your stomach and abs all day and I was quite tired. Nevertheless, I really wanted to go to the zoo as it was my last day here and I didn't want to stay at home.

The Werribee zoo features animals from the safari, thus, no Koalas but I did see a Kangaroo there. At first, we planned to take a tour bus round the zoo in half an hour's time so that we could have lunch. But the lady at the counter being helpful, advised us to book the bus for a later time so that we can enjoy our lunch and relax and so we did.

Oh yeah! Did I mention that the restaurant is connected to the Meercats enclosure?

After lunch, we walked round the zoo looking at zebras, Lions, wild dogs and all sorts of animals from the Safari! We had such a great time and despite the pain, I enjoyed myself very much.

When the time came, we headed off for the bus stop for the tour. When it came, it was a huge one!

We were taken to so many places in the zoo! The animals seemed to be in good health and are well taken care of with plenty of food. Occasionally, I spotted a few wild rabbits hopping round the place and I doubt that its part of the enclosure.

Here's the best bit! We were then taken to a wide open range where animals of different species are put together.

It was really exciting being so close to an animal without being behind bars. When the tour was over, We decided to go home as I was too tired already and the sun was hot. And so I shall end here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dogs, Drama and Epic Moments at the Beach!

As it was Saturday, my cousins Angelyne and Samuel are free from school so we spent the whole day at the beach!

It was a cold windy day with less sunshine but at least there wasn't any sun (which can be really hot, I'm telling you). We also planned to climb the mountains, but, we didn't have enough time however.

We drove for about 25 minutes to Geelong where we visited our first beach. There is even a helicopter ride, but it was soo damn expensive, including a weight limit!

Later on, we had lunch there where the steak tasted rather bland, but the classic Fish 'n Chips beats the rest! Their cakes, including the cookies and muffins on displays were massive! Like the ones from Secret Recipe!

After that, we went round the beach doing all sorts of nonsense!

We then drove to another beach where it was extremely cold and windy out there; perfect for wind surfing!

Never in my life have I ever seen wind surfing before, but it looked like fun! Soon, many others got into their wetsuits and went into the sea with their surfboards.

Later on, we ourselves went to the beach and had fun splashing each other about at the shore! The water was freezing cold to the touch, but, you'll get used to it.

Oh yeah! While we were playing by the beach, there was this cute little dog that came by.

There are so many rock formations and there was these 12 rocks in which they call the 12 apostles. Well, now its 10 apostles because the other 2 rocks went down...

Yeah, I know, I don't know where are the 12 apostles either....
Not long after that, we changed into a fresh set of clothes and set off to anothher side of the beach. On the way, I noticed a lot of trailers and tents about in an area for campers. I wish I could do something like that someday, it seems pretty exciting!

This time, we were looking for a place to go fishing and spotted this river.

We were about to step into the river until the same dog we saw from the beach came to us and went into the river first. We realized that the so called river bank was actually lots. Of. Mud. The dog sank right into the mud and he continued until he went into the waters, made one round swimming in the river and back all clean!

Unfortunately though, the tide was low that day so we didn't get the chance to go fishing after all. Meanwhile, that dog kept following us about. I wonder if he's a stray. But then again, it is quite rare to see a stray dog in Australia. When we were about to head back to the car, the dog jumped into the mud and jumped out of it and ran towards Daniel and Samuel with all 4 mud boots!

Eventually, Samuel escaped leaving Daniel and the dog. The dog looked as if he was about to leap on Daniel with his muddy paws and started chasing him about round the car! Daniel ran along with the others to the car and jumped in like as if a giant man eating monster was about to get him. He was so much in a hurry that he dropped his slippers on the way and I was still outside and he went like "ANNE! Get my slippers! My slippers!!!! AHHHH!!"


The beach all around is beautiful and scenic. The cool salty air and the warm sun was the perfect combination to the scene.

We spent the whole day at the beach and had a marvellous day. In the evening, we drove back to Geelong for dinner. Initially, we went to a chinese restaurant to eat but, there wasn't enough of seats for us. We walked around town cold and hungry until we saw a Thai restaurant. By that time, we didn't care about what kind of food should we eat; we were so hungry that anything will do. Boy, were we so grateful that there wasn't enough of seats at the previous restaurant! The food was just plain DELICIOUS!

The curry was good, the Tom Yam was excellent and everything else was quite above average! We really enjoyed dinner that time! Sometimes, it just comes to show that you should never kick the donkey, for something better may come your way instead.

By the time we've ate our fill, it was already dark and we took a walk to the beach where we started off in the first place. During that time, there was a christmas concert going on with live bands and great singers! There were lights everywhere; red and green, a very christmasy colour!

On the way to the concert however, there was a woman who didn't seem to be in the christmas mood. From about 2 metres away, I can hear her screaming at the top of her lungs about her relationship problems with this guy. She been shouting about it so much, that I can even make out the story behind all that drama.


In my opinion, I'm not surprised why the guy dumped her; check out her temper! Any man would be crazy to have such a bad-tempered wife like that. A normal girl would probably cry (at least that's what I'd do) but this woman looked as if she could kill anybody at her sight! Scary...

A friend then tried to calm her down and she was like, "OH F**K OFF!!!"

But forget about the whole drama, its just like TV. The place was decorated beautifully and everyone was in a good mood (except for the crazy woman, of course)! The celebration ended with fireworks and everybody enjoyed it immensely!

Happy Holidays!

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