Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Step Aside Rebecca B!

Listen to this amazing talent by a 12-year-old girl. Better than Rebecca Black!

Right? Right? Her voice is amazing! With a little polishing up, she could be as good as Charice!

Help recognize her talent and lets make her famous. After all, I think she is definitely worth it!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random Readup #12

Wow, its been a long time since I've posted up my last Random Readup. But since my week has been... err... pretty uneventful, I might as well post some random s**ts.

Ok, so last Thursday was probably the LONGEST day of my life! It was the day I had to go for a... wait for it...
a chess tournament.

Yes, I'm surprised myself. I never thought I was a chess person. And guess what? I had to represent my school for it too!

How did I get myself into that mess, I don't know. Last I remembered was that one day this guy came into my class asking who wants to play chess. Its been a long time since I last played chess and I thought it'd be fun to do something different.

Plus, I... was hoping I could skip class while I was at it too.

Anyway, turns out I had to stay back and play after school. Actually, I didn't want to stay back. But I don't like promising people that I'd turn up then bail them when the time comes without telling them. I dunno, I thought it'd be rude if I did that.

So I came, played, and lost. The next thing I knew was a week later, they come in my class telling me that I'm representing the school for a chess tournament!

Like WTF! That really took me by surprise!

At first, I didn't want to go and I'd thought of quitting. But on the other hand, if I go then I get to skip my exams, get a certificate, find out about the test later and resit for the test well prepared. What have I got to lose? So I chose to go!

After I told my parents about it, they were really supportive! Mom said that sending me to play chess is like sending Mr. Bean to go diffuse a bomb.

I told you this post is gonna be random!

As for dad, he said I was gonna lose. Thanks mom and dad! I feel a whole lot confident now!

In the end, I won 2 rounds. Out of 7.

We have to go against different opponents every round. Out of all 7 opponents I've faced, there was only one opponent I will remember for quite a while. And its not because her skills were extremely good or extremely bad, no.

It was her handshake.

I don't know if that is even possible, but her handshake is the grosses handshake I've ever come across! Like, the first thing that popped in my mind when I first shook her hands before the game was 'Eww...'.

I'm not sure how to describe it, but holding her hand was like holding a dead fish. Her hands were cold even on a hot day, they're small and soft. Too soft. Like a tofu. And her hands were wet. Cold and wet. Eww.

Most people I shook hands with were firm and warm. Even if its slightly damp, its still warm and firm. Shaking her hands was like shaking hands with a corpse or something like that.

After I shook her hands, I had to restrain myself from wiping my hands on my pinafore in front of her.

We came back from the tournament in the evening waay after our normal school hours. After that, I had to go for Kumon classes.

Yes, another interesting fact. I do take Kumon classes for maths. Its really hard, ok?

I'm currently doing Trigonometry, finding out the maxima and minimas of the given equations and graphs. It was so hard that I was the last student to leave and I was stuck with the math teacher sitting right next to me!

I was not used to this teacher (Mr. N) because he's new and my old teacher quit because of her church activities. But because I really didn't know how to do my work, I had to give him a chance. So far he's quite alright.

The only problem I have is that everytime he gets confused, he tends to stick his tongue out and wags it left and right. Which I found rather distracting and... disturbing.

By the time I was done, it was nearly midnight and the place was closing. Just as I was heading out, the 'boss' of the Kumon centre asked Mr. N if he was teaching Add maths and he said yes. Then she told him that she's looking for an add maths teacher for her daughter and so was I (for me) because my mom told her.

I didn't know what he said later because after that, I hurried out of the place. Untill now, I'm not sure why did I do that. Its not that I don't like this teacher, I think he's quite alright. I just dashed out before I could hear his reply.

But enough of my babbling.

HAPPY EASTER DAY my dear readers!! Jesus has risen from the dead and we must celebrate!! Here's my nail art for the occasion.

I was wearing clear nail polish to school to day to create this design quickly before mass. Luckily, nobody noticed. Hahaha!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm a Driver!

LOOK! Yep, that's right. I've got my L License! It won't be long until I get my P License (my L license expires in 2 months anyway) :)

My picture looks crappy. Next time, my official Driver's License picture will be waay better!

So today was my first diving lesson. I was pretty much relieved that my driving instructor speaks English so I'm more comfortable in asking him questions.

First thing he taught me was how to check the car engine. Which means I have to open up the car battery, check the engine oil, etc, etc...

And while I was sticking my hand into different parts of the car engine, I had to be careful not to ruin my nails at the same time. Yeah, I did my nails for the occasion. I just had to.

But it was an awesome design. Look!

Cheetah prints, the symbol of speed and power!

Anyway, after checking on the car, we drove on the main road. After my ordeal with driving with my mom, I could pretty much take anything that could possibly scare any new driver without freaking out.

During the ride, my driving instructor said when he first saw me, he thought I was a Malay... wtf...

Am I THAT dark!? Oh man....

Everything went pretty much smoothly. That was until when we about to reach the traffic lights, the car died. Just like that.

It really took me by surprise. I thought I got everything right; I could change the gears just fine, I drove at the right speed, I could manage the car just fine. What did I do wrong?

The worst part is that we were blocking traffic and I couldn't revive the car engine. Even the driving instructor couldn't restart the car!

Eventually, we pushed the car to the side of the road while another driving instructor who happened to pass by came to help. I was relieved that I didn't do anything wrong but it was the car that had the problem.

I wonder what was wrong, we checked the car before we left and it was just fine. Maybe it was the wires, I dunno....

So in the end, my driving lessons were cut short and I had to take a ride on the back seat with another learner driver who happened to be driving pass back to the Academy. The student who was driving didn't seem very sure about changing gears and she drives pretty fast.

I was scared....

But on the bright side, I found out that my time was almost up by the time the car broke down so I didn't really miss much. I just needed to know how to drive that's all.

I can't wait till the next lesson!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drive! No, BRAKES!!

Its been a crap weekend.

Yesterday was supposed to my first day of driver's Ed. Unfortunately, due to some err... troubles with the agent and the driver instructor, it has been postponed to next week.

So to kill some time, my mom took me out for a drive. And by drive, I had to drive the manual car.

I've been driving the manual car a few times and I'm already used to changing the gears. The only problem standing in my way was to make a U-turn.

It sounds simple, but I couldn't seem to get it right as I had to turn the vehicle quickly so that I don't get in the way. The problem is that I get confused with my mom's instructions. Especially when she panics.

Like, when we're at the U-turn, as usual I would put on the signal before I go and change to low gear. After that, things got ugly. As I was about to move forward, I saw a car coming by and I stopped. Then my mom told me to go.

So I hit the gas and the car moved forward. Suddenly, my mom shouts, "BRAKE!" so in panic, I braked. Then she went, "What are you doing stopping in the middle of the road!? MOVE!" Then I moved. At this point, my mom began to scream, "STOP! BRAKE! What are you doing!? BRRAAAKE!!!"

And while this was going on, the car I saw earlier before was right behind us and we were causing a jam. Why the hell did she ask me to stop?

So I quickly drove forward and my mom was really freaking out. And honestly, so was I. After we got out of that mess, I heard mom say, "What the f**k..."


The worst part is that I was driving next to a police some more :P

Its my first time on the road and I have no idea what am I supposed to do at the U-turn. I'm frightened, confused and screaming confusing orders at me isn't helping!

After that ordeal, worst comes to worst, I found tears springing out of my eyes. It was awful! I really hope this doesn't happen with my driving instructor!

I've been dreaming about it last night. Except the only difference was that while my mom starts screaming at me, a cow out of nowhere jumps out and... we got hit by a cow. I know, weird... and there isn't any cows in Sungai Long...


Ok, apart from my recent trauma, I'm soo disappointed that I'm unable to go to Bruno Mars' concert today 'cause I couldn't get those tickets T.T

You know what's the worst part? Its that all this time, my brother has a friend who won a pair of tickets and unexpectedly got another pair of tickets from his sister who had to leave for Australia before the concert. And my brother got invited and he turned it down!!

Oh, and did I mention that he could've met Bruno Mars because his friend has a Meet n' Greet pass?

I could've strangled him if he hasn't got a big neck...

Why didn't he tell me? He knew that I wanted those tickets so badly! After I found out that the tickets were sold out, Melissa and I got really desperate and tried out all the contest for Bruno Mars' concert tickets and we didn't even win one!

We were even on the verge to skip school just for that small chance of winning a pair of tickets from the radio station. But because of our good concious, we stayed in school and depended on the adults who didn't seem very interested to win the tickets for us.

We could've won the Maxis contest, but because of some disagreement between father and daughter (Melissa and her dad, not me) we decided not to go for it. If only I was a Maxis subscriber things would've been different! Now we regret because that's how my brother's friend got the tickets...


Friday, April 1, 2011

Doctor for a Day

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!! I love april fools day because its probably the funniest day of the year. Pulling pranks on people is always the highlight of the day, but being pranked by others... not so pretty...

Here are the list of pranks I've pulled so far:

1. I told my dog to chase a non existent cat and she nearly fell for it! Hahaha!!

2. I pretended that there was a mosquito on my friend's back and helped 'kill' it.

3. I visited my brother's room early in the morning to play the song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black (trust me, he hates the song to the guts).

4. I told my friend that there was something on her forehead when there isn't anything.

AND FINALLY! My ultimate prank:

5. I made a poster of my friends doing plastic surgery and stuck it at the back of the class a day before April Fools day! HAHAHAHA!!!

After that, a lot of people heard about the poster and they all came to visit our class to see it! The look on *Pam (not her real name in fear she will kill me after her sudden fame in school and now the internet)'s face was PRICELESS!

I even told her that I pasted a few more in the canteen, the girl's toilet and the boy's toilet so she has to go round the school for a wild goose chase looking for the posters I never pasted up XD

All I can say is BEST. APRIL. FOOL's. DAY. EVER!!!

And how did I get a hold of their passport photos? Simple, for some strange reason, Pam has a picture of her and my friend, Molly(again, not her real name. And if I put out her real name, she will kill me for sure!) in her pencil box...

And that's how my twisted idea of a joke came to be. So I 'borrowed' the photos, scanned it, took it back to school and put it back into her pencil box and she didn't even notice! Hahaha!!

Molly didn't know about the poster until later after recess when I placed it on her desk. How did she know it was me will still remain a mystery. Maybe its because the title of the poster : PLASTIC SURGERY by Dr. Wong gave it away.

Right after recess has ended and it was Math period for my class, Molly, who's class was downstairs ran all the way upstairs to my class just to yell at me "DOCTOR WONG! YOU ARE DEAD!!!"

Ok, it wasn't exactly what she said, but it was something like that. LOL.

Ever since then, I became Doctor for a day and everyone kept calling me 'Dr. Wong'. Not that I mind anyway, I think its cool to have such a title :D

Also, there was another poster I found on twitter that nearly gave me a heart attack:

I'm sure you guys are pretty much aware of Rebecca Black who became a viral hit on YouTube within a week with over 60 million views. Unfortunately though, she's famous for the worst song ever!

Don't believe me? Just listen to her song.

If you just click on the link which leads to YouTube and look at the number of people who like or dislikes the video, you'd be shocked to see that nearly 90% of the viewers HATED the video!

Apparently, this 13-year-old's parents paid the production company to record her song along with an accompanying video to go with it and posted it on YouTube. Though she is hurt by the tons of haters comments, she refused to put down the video because it would 'please the haters'.

That I gotta admire. The girl's got guts.

I admire her courage, but that doesn't mean I like her song. The thing is, the song is too repetitive with too many 'Fridays' and 'weekends' in her lyrics. Its too boring! Plus, the video is kinda cheesy and as for her voice... tak sedap lah...

A lot of people said that she's like the next Justin Bieber. I'm not exactly a fan of JB, but if I had to choose between Rebecca Black or 1000 Biebers, give me the Biebers anyday man...

Sorry girl, it just ain't gonna work...

Oh yeah! Back to the poster. Luckily, for the sake of Rebecca and her non existent Malaysian fans, the poster is an April Fool's joke; there's no such thing as 31 days in June.


How was your April Fools??

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