Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Cup of 2010

A lot of crazy stuff happened this year so here's a summary of my life in 2010.

I learnt how to skate!

I took the public bus for the first time.

Errm... lets just say I was lucky not to go on THAT public bus...

I celebrated my Sweet 16th birthday by doing extreme sports!

I went to my first concert to see Kelly Clarkson LIVE in Malaysia!

Went for a Memory Course and created this awesome poster!

Ermm... I conned this guy at the ticket reserve counter into letting me buy a ticket to watch Toy Story 3 when I didn't have a reservation so that I can cut the line because I was desperate...

And it works! But I'll never do that again. Honestly, that was the most daring thing I've ever done...

I've also helped to organize our BEC's Family Day which was in Hulu Langat. It was awesome!

Took loads of pictures which involves getting wet...

I joined our Church's play which is about St. John Vianney. I was the mom (as in the old lady...)

I learnt how to bake muffins...

Yeah... it didn't turn out so well...

I've was one of the lucky two BRATs to be sent to the Back to Nature camp in Genting with my friend Melissa and another BRAT, Kai Tying. Best trip ever!

I've learnt about what qualities I look for in a guy...

My article was published in The star newspaper about the Back to Nature camp!

I've had the time of my life in Universal Studios, Singapore!

Went to Australia to stay with Aunty Catherine, Uncle Raymond and my cousins. I've seen a lot of crazy stuffs over there...

I went to see my first parade on the streets of Melbourne!

I'm amazed that they can tahan the cold dressed up like that...

I visited a REAL mansion with an actual love story behind it!

I got lost in an actual Hedge Maze!

I've discovered the heavenly taste of the Wagyu Beef!! MMmmm......

... And that's about it to summarize 2010 for me. It wasn't all perfect, but I'd like to remember the bright side of it all.

How was the year 2010 for you?

If you missed some of the action, the click on the links provided.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

A TRUE Christmas Story

MERRY CHRISTMAS my dear readers!!

Its the day we've all been waiting for every year and its finally here. So while you read this post I want you to listen to this song because its gonna be related and it sets the mood.

This Christmas, I'm not gonna tell you all those heart warming stuff between families and friends, nor am I gonna tell you what we traditionally do on Christmas day so basically, I'm not gonna share the obvious.

Instead, here is a true Christmas story which I just made up.

***WARNING: Only for 18 and above***

**eh, what the heck I'm 16 and I wrote this thing**

This is a story about a little girl named Vicky.

One Christmas Eve, Vicky couldn't sleep and crept down the stairs for a glass of milk to see a fat man in a red suit eating her cookies. Its Santa Claus!

As she stared at him, Santa turned around and realized that he was being watched! Of course Santa knew Vicky and she knew Santa.... but what little Vicky didn't know was that Santa Claus is actually... a pedophile...

What? You think an old fart in a red suit who knows every child's names and weather they're naughty or nice and gives them presents isn't a pedophile? You think a guy who sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake or not to mention the fact that he creeps into your house in the middle of the night via your chimney and eats all your cookies isn't weird at all?

Oh and by the way, he
LOVES children. So much...

Shame on you.

But anyway, Vicky totally freaked out before Santa could do anything because she was too excited and so Santa just dumped the gifts and left before her parents could come down.

20 years later, Vicky still believes in Santa Claus despite the fact that she's already 27 years old. That year, Vicky's grandfather had a heart attack on Christmas Eve and she was really miserable.

And so that night, Vicky wrote to Santa Claus:

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is that Grandpa may get well soon.
He's very old now but I love him so much. Please help him get
better this Christmas.


Santa got her letter alright, but unfortunately, Vicky's handwriting was so bad he misunderstood the entire message. I wouldn't want to get into detail but he felt really bad after he found out that he made a mistake. So, Vicky's grandpa was able to live another 12 years to make it up to her.

And that's how the writer of the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" was born...


Behold the lamest story ever told. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis The Season

Ahhh Christmas. The time of the year when kids go caroling...

... Men putting on thier best makeup,

... and joining the Beauty Pageant

Of course not forgetting the armpit competition.

Who has the hairiest armpit hair of them all?

You be the judge.

And not forgetting random, unprepared dance performances by our BEC youths!

Oh yes! Its also the time of the year where I create seasonal nail art. Call me if you need your nails done. Haha!

But seriously, Christmas is the time of the year when friends and family come together to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Its the time of the year when we look back to the good ol' times we had together and cherish our loved ones.

Its not about the presents or the food, or getting drunk. Ok, maybe a little bit...

But we all should be thankful and appreciate one another as you never know when we'll ever see each other again.

This was last year's photo of me and my cousins last christmas.

Unfortunately, this Christmas won't be as jolly as usual. Some didn't want to come back for Christmas, some had to go overseas, some of them lives overseas and couldn't come back, some have to spend christmas with another family and some probably didn't really like us. Oh, and did I mention that one went missing for the past few days?

So this christmas is the lonliest christmas ever. Sad, isn't it?

That's why we must be thankful when our families are together and treasure the good times we had. Yes, sometimes they can be a pain in the butt, but they are our only family and we should support each other. Not bring one another down to make us feel better about ourselves.

Love and treasure your family. They're all you've got and they're irreplaceble.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Piece of Heaven

Heaven may sound very distant, but I think Heaven could also be just around the corner.

That's right, I'm talking about... food.

I'm a chocoholic, so being at the Max Brenner chocolate cafe is the best place I've ever been to!

The presentation is excellent and no doubt the food is absolutely heavenly!

And of course, all the dishes are served with chocolate in all kinds of forms. Like this dip...

And this chocolate banana crepes...

Hell yeah! Chocolate pizza with the toppings of your choice!!

Apart from this chocolate heaven, one of the things that I've eaten and will remember until the day I die is... wait for it... the Wagyu beef...

Now I may not be a fan of steaks, but this is an exception. Unlike other cows(or beef, whatever you wish to call it), this Wagyu cow drinks beer. Yep, you read that right, beer. All their life. AND they have been massaged everyday until they get slaughtered. Lucky cow...

But the Wagyu cow is also executed differently too. Usually, when most animals know they're gonna die, their muscles will get tensed up. Thus the meat will be tougher.

So, in order to have soft meat, they massage the Wagyu cow until its relaxed and they electrocute it right at the the spine with one hard hit and the cow dies instantly.

Aren't the Japanese so clever?

Take a look at the normal beef.

Now take a good look at the Wagyu beef (or the 2nd picture above).

See that? Notice that the Wagyu beef has a marble pattern whereas the normal beef is just plain red.

It shows that the Wagyu beef has got fats trapped in between the muscles, which means the meat is much softer than most types of beefs. The best part is that its fats aren't bad for you either. In fact, its actually good for you!

Other than the fact that the Wagyu beef is the world's most expensive meat, its also a guaranteed trip to heaven on cloud 9!

I swear, I nearly swooned when I first took a bite out of it. Its like.. its like falling in love!

But it was kinda painful when we bought it at the Victorian market. When we first bought it, it was about $65.00 per kilo which would be about RM200. Ouch.

Then again, it'll be even more painful if we were to buy it in Malaysia itself which costs about RM800 per kilo. XP

But it was all worth it!

I'm hungry...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Life's Lesson in the City

OK, seven things I've learnt from wandering the streets of Melbourne city and that is:

1. School girls get to wear mini skirts as their uniform. This is soo unfair!
2. Tram drivers are assholes.
3. Never wear white pants when drinking hot chocolate.
4. Never blow into your hot chocolate to see the size of air bubbles while wearing white pants.
5. Never take pictures of locals in front of their face without asking. (Trust me, it ain't gonna be pretty.)
6. Public transport is very convenient. Especially when its free.
7. Always trust your instincts.

Of all the places I've been to in the city, I still think Victoria Market is like the #1 Must Visit place!

I can't call myself a shopaholic, but that doesn't mean I don't like going window shopping!

When I first saw those shoes, I almost wished it was winter time so I have a reason to try it out.

You know its fascinating that people are fascinated by things they have no idea what it is. What's this thing called? A digerridoo? A digorrito? A deegerrito?


Like I said, never take pictures of Aussies in their face. Only when they're not looking...

Did you know that that stuffed Koala bear is actually a REAL Koala Bear? Except that its dead. And stuffed. I want one.

Nope, that's no local. That's my mom holding up some big ass mushroom. They use it to make stuffed portobello mushroom which is stuffed with cheese. Lots of cheese...

OK, this one is so cool! These are all music boxes on the inside and you turn the handle so that it can play a song.

My dream is finally recognized! I can dress up like a fairy! Yipee!

I was almost tempted to buy one...

Funny thing.. why is it that the people who sells all these lingerie and sexy clothes for women are all guys??

One of them told me that I'd look great in the black dress with red ribbons. But I was looking at the maroon one with the black lace..

OK, ok! I'm just kidding! My parents might probably be reading this as we speak. Sorry mom...

Trust me, these boomerangs are fakes! I once tried to throw one in the garden like Sokka from Avatar and its nearly hit Uncle Raymond's car.

And it didn't even try to come back!

But anyway, we got out of Vic Market and headed over to Myer's where we looked at this year's christmas display!

This year, they're featuring The Nutcracker.

Its amazing how much details and effort they put into each doll, isn't it?

After walking down a few blocks, yes, blocks. I've finally understood what do they mean and how do you put it in a sentence. Apparently, the city's overall map is in blocks so everything looks pretty squarish compared to our KL city.

We made it to the National Library!

When I first arrived at the airport, I saw two tall guys holding and kissing each other at the parking lot. I was about to take a picture when Aunt Catherine was like NOOOO!! (It'll be more dramatic if you put it in slow motion)

She said if I took their picture and they caught me, well, basically I'd be screwed (well, not literally, because they're gay) and they might break my camera.

So ever since then, I've been very careful about taking pictures because I think Aunt Catherine maybe right. They may be gay, but they sure as hell look big and scary. I don't wanna risk losing my precious camera.

So.. yeah. That's why I didn't take pictures of the inside of the library. Because I'm afraid I'd disturb them or something.

The library is pretty... big... lots of books... very quiet... loads of serious people....

So then we were waiting for the City Circle Tram which is free for public use and it goes round the entire city. According to the map, the fastest way to get to the train station is to take the tram going to the left from where we were.

And for the past 20 minutes, we saw at least 4 City Circle Trams go past us but it was going to the right, which was not where we wanted to go.

10 minutes later, a tram came our way but it wasn't the tram we were supposed to get on. But anyway, we asked the tram driver exactly which direction of the tram are we supposed to take in order to get to the train station. And he told us to take the tram on the other side.

So, we thought since a tram driver has a better knowledge about the city, we took his advice and waited for the tram going on the right.

It soon dawned upon us that apparently, the bastard told us to go the opposite way when we asked a local for directions after waiting half an hour under the sun! And I don't think its because he don't know the place, maybe he thought it was funny to take advantage on people who don't know the place too well.

Bastard, bastard, bastard....

So in the end, we had no more patience to wait for the bloody tram and we walked to the train station instead. It wasn't too bad, actually. Much better than waiting for a tram which might come an hour later.

So in the end, we finally made it home by train. It was a rather adventurous day with loads of ups and downs... but at least we survived.

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