Saturday, November 12, 2011

Its Finally Here!

OMG! I'm practically hyperventilating right now.

Tomorrow's the big day; the day I've been preparing for the past 10 years. The day I've been dreading all my life. The day I've been studying for day and night. The day that'll mark my last day of High School....

The day I finally sit for my SPM examinations O.o

Its all set. Our tables were arranged, our SPM slips were pasted on our desks and I'm sitting face to face in front of the examiner. Just my luck!

Worst, since I'm the only student in the entire school who's taking the Bible Knowledge exams, I'll be in a room alone with the examiner. One. On. One :S

Hopefully the examiner isn't some creep who's really annoyed with me for taking the exam so I have to occupy his/her time. If the Good Lord is kind enough, perhaps the examiner is cool enough to cit chat with me during the exam to lighten the atmosphere. Fat hopes.

Anyway, remember how I used to whine about not being able to have a proper graduation day like everybody else and that I wanna wear a fancy robe and hat and hold a fake scroll?

Guess what?

WHEE!! Much to my surprise and delight, we had a surprise graduation session last Friday, 11.11.11. I got to wear a fancy robe and hold a fake scroll! I'm so happy!! :D

Well, we didn't have the hat, but that's OK. It might ruin my hair anyway.

Apparently, we were the first batch in our school history to have a graduation day. I feel so honored and lucky to be the first to graduate from high school properly.

There's my entire class taking our graduation photo. Can you spot me next to the teacher?

I know at a time like this, I should be studying instead of blogging right now, but I thought I should just update you guys on what's going on right now. Updates may be slow from now on until 5th December which is my last day of SPM.

Besides, I've been working my butt off writing lots of essays and doing exercises for at least 6 hours a day (and please fellow SPM students, don't you dare boast about how much longer you study than me because I don't give s shit  that you've been studying for 24 hours a day and that you're much cleverer than me and I'm a lazy sloth.). 

I've even started writing in a straight handwriting instead of my normal cursive style, which is kind of a pain because it really slows down my writing. But I gotta make sure the examiner could read my handwriting.
I think I deserve a short break, don't I?

Today, as I was reading my horoscope from the Sunday's newspaper, it says that my lucky color, number and day is pink, 13 and Monday.

So I have a good feeling that tomorrow is gonna be my lucky day. It better be, because BM is gonna be my first subject so I'd better do well on that subject.

And since my school uniform does not even have the slight hint of pink, I'm gonna wear as many Pink underwears as possible. To attract more luck via my ass. As for the number, I'll just turn my volume up to 13 in my car for that extra luck boost.

Usually, I'd look at a horoscope and then think its bullshit, but this time, I really feel that I need as much help as I could get. I've even been praying real hard everyday that I'd do well in my exams. So far, my prayers really did come true for my exams.

The first time I prayed for at least 4 A's in my UPSR, I really did get exactly 4 A's, much to everyone's surprise (they thought I was too carefree and relaxed. A parent actually thought I was stupid. But her son is retarded and that's already polite enough. So there.) 

Later on, I prayed that the lowest grade I could possibly get for my PMR was at least a C and it also came true! I prayed that I might be chosen for the students exchange programme despite my average grades and the slim chance that I'll be chosen, and it too came true!

God has really helped me all these years and hopefully, he'd help me again so that I'll do well in my exams.

Good luck to all SPM students! Lets all do our best and pass with flying colors. God bless!

P.S Thanks to you guys, GlamorAnn has finally reached over 10000 viewers!! Thank you so much for all your support. This has really given me the encouragement to blog more often. 

P.S.S I know it may not be a lot of viewers to some of you, but this blog has really come a long way since 2009. So shut up.

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