Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Winter Wonderland

Omg, omg, omg, OMGEEEEE!!!!!! Its SNOWING!! 

This is the HAPPIEST day of my life! I can't believe its snowing here in Southern Italy. Before we left Malaysia, we were told to expect the unexpected, but sh*t! I never expected SNOW where I am because I've read that the winters in Italy is mild, especially in the south. So its unlikely that its gonna snow, BUT IT DID!

My host dad told me (yes, believe it or not, I actually understood what he said. Finally!) its because of the strong winds from Russia that brought such cold weather all over Europe. Its even snowing in Rome, which apparently is the first time in 27 years!

The weather is so cold, even my school in Avellino is closed because its snowing heavily over there, so nobody could travel about there as its quite dangerous. Honestly, I really wanna go to school because obviously, I wanna see the snow, and also because I wanna spend as much time with my classmates and teachers before I leave for Malaysia.

This is Avellino. The English teacher was there and took a picture for me to check it out. 

Whatever, its snowing here in Sperone too. But only up the mountains which is just about a 5 minute drive from the house. I was so excited the moment I saw the white snow as we got higher, I was literally jumping about in the car. I couldn't wait to get out and run in the snow!

Check it out! I was speechless. I've always wanted to see snow and now my dreams finally came true! I felt like a child again.

Naturally, I HAVE to lay on the snow, take off my gloves and feel the snow. It feels like shaved ice. 

LOOKIE!! My first snowman! I'm so proud :D

The first thing I did in the snow was to build a snowman. I've always wanted to do that. Its easier than I thought because the snow can easily stick to each other quickly. If you press it real hard together, it'll turn into a big ball of ice! Much easier than building a sandcastle.

Meet my new boyfriend. He's gonna be my Valentine this year. 

Love you, handsome. Muah <3 <3

Wanna know why I'm so attracted to my man?

Because my boyfriend has a PHD (Pretty Huge D*ck)! 

Even Lia and her friend, Daniella is having the time of their lives in the snow.

I tried to make a snow angel, but as you can see, I failed miserably. Its harder than I thought. No matter how much I move my arms and legs, I couldn't go any deeper because the snow is already compressed. You can see, however, that I managed to stain the snow blue in color because of my jeans. LOL.

What an adorable snowman! I spotted him on top of somebody's car.

Meet Ilenya. Another of Lia's friends. Honestly, among all of her friends, I personally think Ilenya is my favorite. She's so jolly and cheerful, I couldn't help but like her. But at the same time, I really think I should have a warning before she comes over because she ALWAYS eats my chocolates!

I have a packet of chocolates and another sack of it hidden in my cupboard. I planned to bring it home to Malaysia... assuming she doesn't find it. One time, she actually found my stash when I wasn't around. By the time I came back, I found a pile of wrappers on the table and another half eaten chocolate about to enter her mouth! o.O

I was only gone for minute. I know Italians eat quickly, but damn....

After wrestling for the packet of chocolates, I had to run with it and find a place to hide them!

Despite all that, I still think Ilenya is such a lovable person. Probably because of all that chocolate in her :P

But seriously, I hear that the whole of Europe is going through extreme weather. It so cold, it snowing in Southern Italy and it had already claimed 7 lives in Italy. My Polish pen pal told me that its VERY cold in Poland. If I recall, she said the temperature is between -25C to -15C.

That's cold. VERY cold. A lot of people died because of the cold. I read the news and apparently, even North Africa is affected. Must be bad...

Nonetheless, I actually feel quite lucky to come to Italy at this time because come on! How often does it actually snow in South Italy?? Practically never.

Lia said that in 100 years, this is the 3rd time it snowed here. How good is my luck??

But I do wish I could go to school soon. Its been a while and I'm beginning to get bored of the snow because it restricts people from going to places.

Oh well, might as well enjoy every moment in Italy before I leave, eh?

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