Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Babies

Ahh... you have no idea how relieved I am after I've finished my last paper of our mid term exam! Its like passing out a painful, massive dump in the toilet after enduring 3 days of constipation. Yes, that's exactly how torturous our 3 weeks of exams were.
Yesterday our school celebrated teacher's day after our exams. But not many people came to school. I only came because I figured that since this is probably gonna be my last Teacher's Day, I might as well do something special for my teachers who taught me for the past 2 years.

And... hopefully this might help to raise my grades if I kiss up to them :P
So I baked them chocolate chip cookies! Not muffins. They seemed pretty happy about it.

Anyway, check out my babies whom I adopted from Cameron Highland!

There's my little family! I'm gonna take good care of my children with tender loving care. Lemme introduce them to you.

This is Diablo. Because he looks Mexican.

This is Cooper. After my future Mini Cooper S.

This is Elmo. Because he's soft and furry, but green.

This is Genevieve. She looks gorgeous but fiesty.

I named him Tullio because he looks adventurous. For a cactus.

And this cute bubbly one is Daniel. After my baby brother Daniel. Because it'll drive him nuts!

I'm glad its the holidays now. I'm gonna spend my days watching movies all day and learn new songs on my piano.

How are you gonna spend your holidays??

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