Friday, June 24, 2011

Confirmation Camp 2011

WOOHOO!! Our confirmation camp was freakin AWESOME!!! And if having our camp in Golden Sands, Port Dickson with the band, great friends and teachers wasn't good enough, we had Martin Jalleh as our speaker for the past 3 days!!

For those who don't know Martin Jalleh, he has been a motivational speaker for 35 years and from my experience with him, I think he's an excellent speaker. Honest! He is absolutely HILARIOUS!! And we've learnt a lot from him. Also, Martin's the guy on the left if you don't know by now that he's slightly old.

Oh yeah, we played a lot of games too. Martin's favorite game was the game he always wins; Martin Says. Its the same thing as Simon Says, except instead of Simon, we have Martin. Its hard to win with him... trust me.

Ah... yes. My all time favorite activity of the entire camp was the telematch at the beach! We had such a great time! At least, I did.

While we waited for the others to arrive, I was keeping myself busy by taking loads of random, candid pictures! Check out Shaun's sexy pose :D

I actually took Bryan's picture because I like his shirt:

Men: NO shirts, NO service.

Women: NO shirts, FREE Beer!


And here's one of our games; make the longest line in 2 minutes! You can imagine the kinds of stuff each team did to make their lines as long as possible! Since we were at the beach, its no surprise that all, sorry, MOST guys took off thier shirts!

It certainly was a sexy game...

You'll never guess what was the next game...

We had to fill that freakin tall pipe with water while there's holes all over that darn thing! It was hard, trust me. We had to find the holes and stick our fingers in it to stop the pipe from leaking. And on top of that, we had to make sure the pipe stays on the ground so that the water don't escape.

Trust me, sea water and my contact lenses DEFINITELY don't mix. Definitely.

We didn't win, but we were soo close! :(

As soon as the games were over, everybody had gone CRAZY!

Check out these girls lying FLAT on their faces! HAHAHA!!!

And so, we had our Inner Healing session that night. Saw so many people crying and sniffing the whole time. For those who don't know what's an Inner Healing, please Google.

The next day, we celebrated mass in our confirmation t-shirt designed by yours truly and the T-shirt group :)

And here we have Laurina to model our T-shirt...


Haiz... Greg, Greg, Greg.....

You know what? I tak puas hati with my previous model Laurina, so I got Rachel instead...

Yes! Much better!

Lord knows why the teachers wanted to take our group picture indoors when the field outside with excellent lighting, wide open spaces and benches is the perfect place to take a group picture! Especially a LARGE one with 94 students not including the teachers and lecturers.

But no, they decided that since they wanted to save some time, we had to take our group picture indoors with this crappy lighting...

See? And its not like I'm even trying to make this picture look bad on purpose. This is honestly the best picture I could take. With or without flash.

And have you noticed that the group above are all guys?? Yep, the place was too small to fit everybody inside. In the end, the guys and girls took our pictures seperately and we didn't even get a chance to take a picture with the teachers!

And now, Victor says goodbye!


And good luck to those who are also taking their confirmation this year as well :)

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