Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wife, Servant, or Dog?

Recently, the 'Obedient Wives' club was initiated in Malaysia and I thought it was hilarious! According to them, they believe that social ills such as prostitution and divorce is the wife's fault because they failed to keep their husbands happy by being submissive to their needs and give great *ahem* in the bedroom.

What I find funny about this club is why is their failed marriage the wife's fault? Why is it just the women's fault? Sure, it maybe partly her fault, but I strongly disagree that the whole reason why there are so many divorces is because the wife wasn't 'obedient' enough.

I believe that it takes two in a marriage and a happy marriage shouldn't be based on sex alone. Get this, one of the founders of the club said,

Wtf!? Do the wives necessarily have to be the sex worker? Even if its the other way around, I'd be very uncomfortable treating my husband as a servant rather than a life partner.

OK, there are LOTS of things that is wrong with being a 'whore' to your husband. First of all, we are living, breathing, human beings. We are not a sex object. Second, a whore is a woman who have sex with loads of men, not just one. So this statement doesn't make sense.

OK, I made the dancing puppy statement up. But the rest was entirely true. Obey? Serve? Entertain? What are we, your servant? Because that's exactly what a sevant is supposed to do. Might as well hire a servant, don't need a wife anymore lah.

Wait... what??? So the cause of upheaval in this world is the 'disobedient' wife!? Whatever happened to 'till death do us part' huh? There is still such a thing as 'disloyal' husbands too you know! Even if the wife was super obedient, I bet the husband would cheat on her anyway because now that she's a pushover, he can do anything he wants while she sits there and 'obey' his every command and whims.

Just like a dog.

Oh yeah, they even have classes on how to be good in bed! Imagine what kind of 'tricks' could they possibly teach in that class. I'd love to know. HAHAHA!!!

Is this really the kind of woman every man would want in a wife? Maybe so, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm definitely not one of these women. Like hell am I gonna take orders from anyone and obey their every command. No way!

Oh yeah, tomorrow I'm heading for an interview with AFS for the Student Exchange Programme to the USA. Hopefully, I might be the lucky 50 to be chosen. So wish me luck! I seriously need lots of those right now...


  1. I posted this on my FB page and apparently two guys get offended. LOL. This whole idea is darn stupid. Really darn stupid. You have to be submissive to certain extent. I hope they understand the whole idea of satisfied husband is a happy husband..

  2. I know right? What is the world coming to these days...


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