Wednesday, October 26, 2011

That's So Penang

It was one of those last minute 'Hey-lets-go-somewhere-far-away' weekends. And so, our destination was in Penang island, in which I call 'The Land of Good Food'. Because everything in Penang are DELICIOUS!

On the first night when we arrived at our hotel, my dad thought it was about time that he took us to our first night club where he used to go in his younger days.

Well, my first impression of the night club was that it was really LOUD. Like, someone screaming in your ear loud. It was so loud, I could barely hear myself think and I can feel my clothes flapping away on me when I stood in front of the speakers for a brief second.

We sat at the side of the stage where it was the least loudest, but very loud nonetheless. My dad ordered some drinks for us. For my dad and brother, a pint of beer each. For me, a glass of white wine.
Thank God. Beer isn't my kind of drink.

And so throughout the whole night, we watched the band play all kinds of requests, including a Chinese song requested by my dad. Apparently, he told them that we were from Taiwan wtf...

The band was pretty good, considering that they are able to play any song you want like a live jukebox.

It was a fun night, but honestly, I'm not sure if the night life is my cup of tea. I mean, my dad and bro managed to down about 4 pints of beer throughout the entire night, and me? I only managed to drink about 3/4 glass of wine. I didn't even finish my glass when we left!

I'm not exactly an alcohol person, but it did give me a boost of confidence to put a camera at the band's face later on.

The next day, we happened to stop by Penang hill. It was a last minute decision, but hey! Since we're there why not take a chance?

Look how steep that railway is! If only it were a roller coaster. I bet it'll be a hit!

That's the train we boarded to go up the hill. Still wish it was a roller coaster....

Check out all the people down there!

It was actually a fast ride to the top, unlike the old days. My dad said back when he was a tour manager, it was a pain to bring the tourists to Penang hill because the train was made of wood and it always broke down halfway during the trip. So, everybody has to get down and walk all the way to the top!

A pretty sight, isn't it?

I noticed a lot of people made their mark on that tree stump. Naturally, I too must make my mark.

Can you see it? If only I brought a marker pen...

You'd have to be an idiot if you couldn't be bothered to take a picture with the picturesque scene up there.

Look! Its the wooden train I was talking about!

Check out the cute little grasshoppers this lady is making! Its made out of coconut leaves.

I used to create such grasshoppers like these before. It was a great tool when it comes to making pranks on other girls. Unfortunately, I forgot how to make them. Its pretty complicated.

Later on, we headed off to visit some temples. 

Am I allowed to take pictures of Buddhas in the temple? I hope its not disrespectful...

You know, as I was checking out the statues of Buddhas and other artifacts around, I spotted this couple who were meditating in front of this large Buddha. And then, I saw the man who was sitting calmly at first, started to shake really violently. It was super freaky.

He was shaking all over for about a minute or so and then, he was calm again. But his head was moving about in a slow circle. Was he possessed?

We weren't allowed to enter that temple. It makes me wanna enter all the more!

OK, I know some of you guys might be pretty pissed with me for not taking any foodie pictures. What? It was so delicious, I had to eat it right away before I could even think about taking a photo!

See? That's how good Penang food is.

Peace out yo!

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