Saturday, October 1, 2011

If I Were a Dude...

If I woke up one day as a guy, I would do all kinds of manly stuff I've always wanted to do like:

1. Growing a mustache 

I would name my mustache Joe and comb and shampoo it everyday...

2. Peeing while standing up

Its hard to do it if you're a girl. Trust me.

3. Camwhore... like a MAN


4. Going topless 

If only I could go topless whenever convenient. Especially when washing my car. But, you know, people will stare... not in a good way. Whereas guys could go topless anytime, anywhere and people don't mind!

5. Sitting with my legs open in public

Yeah... gone are the days when mom slaps me for sitting like a boy in a skirt when I forget.

Just a random thought after my SPM trials are over. Good luck to those who are sitting for their PMR exams right now. 

So what would YOU do if you were the opposite sex?

1 comment:

  1. LMAOOO!!! I would...definitely head to the mens room...and stare.


    Awesome pics btw, I especially loves the third one. If you were a man, you would make one hotastic ah beng


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