Sunday, January 15, 2012


Thank God its SUNDAY!

I swear, my first week of school for the year felt like the LONGEST week of my life. And I have to go through all that for the next 5 weeks. XP

My very first week of school in Italy was last year before the beginning of our 2 week holidays. It wasn't so bad then because everyone was relaxed and they finished school earlier. But now that the holidays are over, things start to get serious.

First of all, I found out that we had to go to school on a... a Saturday! Yes, I'm shocked too. In our Malaysian school, we only have school on Saturdays for curriculum activities or to replace a holiday. Even then, we don't go to school on that rare Saturdays because... we wanna sleep!

So yeah, its usually the people who have nothing else to do that would go to school on a freakin Saturday. But attendance in an Italian school is very important, so we have to go weather we like it or not. The only free day we get is a Sunday. *sigh*

Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy the lessons either because everything is in Italian except for English classes. So I couldn't follow the lessons because I can't understand what they're saying... and I get really bored. Sometimes, I get so bored, I actually sleep in the class believe it or not.

Nobody noticed that I was sleeping during the past few days because I have a technique: I'd take out one of my novels, open it to a random page, bend over it and use my hair to cover my face so it looks like I'm reading when I'm actually in a far away land called Dreamland. So far, I haven't been caught yet.

I also discovered not long after that they have no recess!

Like WHAAAAT!? How can you possibly go on for 6 hours in school without at least 20 minutes break?? Apparently, the Italian students can. Its so weird. What if you get hungry? What if you need to use the toilet? What if you need some fresh air and to stretch your legs??

In the end, whenever I need to use the toilet or to buy a drink from the vending machine (did I mention that there's no canteen in the school?), I'd have to ask the teachers in Italian.

Later on, when school finishes, Lia and I have to literally RUN to the bus stop so that we can catch the bus home. And usually, we'd always miss the bus. So we have to either wait or take a 10 minute walk to the city square where all the buses go to and we have to wait about 30 minutes for the next bus to arrive.

In the morning, we also have to take the bus to school and I swear, never before have I appreciated owning a car or being driven around by my parents before! In the morning, the bus is so crowded, I'd usually get squeezed about by the passengers because I couldn't find a seat. 

One time, I've been squeezed so hard by a guy from behind me, I swear I felt something else on my ass. I hope its his phone or something hard in his pockets *shivers*.

On the plus side, I really enjoyed playing sports with the school kids last Friday. We played Badminton. Its been a long time since I've done that.

While Lia was off playing soccer with her friends, I was playing badminton with an Italian boy (because I had no idea how to play soccer) when the P.E teacher told us to have a real badminton match. And guess who won??

ME! I won! Malaysia Boleh!!! 

After I won the match, another boy who was watching us play wanted to challenge me as well. And I accepted, even though I was completely exhausted and dehydrated.

Once again, I won. Yep, I've still got it. Haha!!

The next day, my muscles were aching because I haven't been using those muscles in a long time because of my SPM exams. Gosh, I could hardly walk and my butt hurts so sitting down may take some time. But it was all worth it. It was probably the most exciting thing that had happened during the entire week.

I like my P.E teacher. He's probably the biggest guy I've ever seen so far. He's so tall, I'm barely up to his shoulders. (Yes Daniel, he's much taller than you.) I literally have to look up to talk to him.

I dunno why, but my P.E teacher reminds me of a St. Bernard. A gentle giant. He's very kind. The next day after playing Badminton, he gave me the school team t-shirt!

I realized that "No Al Doping" means 'No to Drugs'. Okaay....
Whatever. Its free!

On Saturday, I'd follow Lia and her friends to Avellino in the evening. It was a different experience walking around the place at night. I've never been out with my friends at night before, we'd usually go during the day.

I really enjoyed looking at the things that are sold in the shops, but we didn't go inside much shops. 
I love shopping....

Oh and the shoes! Absolutely gorgeous! I love their boots, but I don't think its very practical to wear in Malaysia. *sigh* Oh well....

Anyway, we went to a pizza restaurant for dinner and guess what I had...

Sorry for the crap picture. I'm afraid of using flashes in a public place. But basically, its a pizza with cheese, sausages, and yes, believe it of not, french fries! What a strange pizza.

I wanted to try something other than my usual Margarita pizza, but I think I still prefer the classic, which is, of course, the Margarita. The french fry pizza is great, but I find it rather fattening and yes, you get one WHOLE pizza to yourself!

I really have no idea how the Italians do it! I've seen skinny girls and little kids eat those massive pizzas to themselves and they didn't seem very... stuffed. Like me. I could barely eat even half that pizza, but somehow I managed to stuff 3/4 of that pizza in me. Somebody else ate the remaining quarter pizza of mine.

You won't believe this, but, in Italy, you have to pay for the glasses, the cutlery, and basically the service in a restaurant! Its about 2 euros per person, which is about RM8. Damn!

I've been busy this past week and I know I'll be busy for the next few weeks as well. So I'll keep you updated every Sunday because apparently, that's the ONLY free day I have in a week.


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