Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Childhood Diary

Why do I feel so guilty right now? Oh yeah, I haven't been updating for a LONG time! It is a sin to keep my dear readers in the dark.

So as a treat for being my faithful reader. I present to you.... my childhood diary...

I can't believe I would ever in my right mind share some of my private thoughts to the world. But I was only 11 then, so how bad could it be?

OK, so this is one of the least embarrassing entries in my diary. There's more...

Looking back at my old pictures, I had to admit that I was rather... 'chesty' among the other girls. I started puberty earlier...

Speaking about puberty, oh God, I can't believe I'm showing you this...

But I must be thankful that my family isn't that type of family that tells the whole world about their little girl becoming a woman and throwing a HUGE celebration like some of my friends...

Of course, there were the secret hate thoughts I had about my classmates.

And then there's those cringe worthy entries about my 3 year obsession about my crush which made my face go all red again just thinking about it. 

These are some of the more 'sane' entries.

Yes, sharing things was a BIG deal for me then.

And that's how I suddenly became fascinated with facial hair...

There is a lot more entries about him, but they were much too embarrassing to share with. I think practically half the entries of my diary was about him. 

So... yeah, some of my private thoughts as a kid. So the lesson of the story is....

If you'll excuse me, I've got some global warming to do.



  1. I love reading people's childhood diaries! It's so fun to see what people cared about when they were really young...that's actually where I got the idea for my blog (which is just a bunch of journal entries from when I was a kid).

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