Sunday, June 14, 2009

About Anne

Hey! Whats up? My name is Anne Wong Synpuhn, but you can just call me Anne. I'm 15 and what I love to do is playing the piano or guitar, reading, kickin butt in Karate, scuba diving, and most of all I love to travel.

For a 15-year-old, I have been pretty active lately. This year, I'm taking a major exam, gone to several dive trips, just came back from the most awesomest journalist camp, and now, I'm preparing myself for one of the most (and only) interview to a student exchange programme!!

A random fact about myself: I'm deeply in love with........ MINI COOPERS! Yep, I am cukoo over mini coopers. I practically drool over it and so, I make it a mission to get myself a mini cooper when I get my drivers liscense. (Currently saving. Sadly its not much...)

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