Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Of Beaches and... Boobs!?

See this picture? Looks like an ordinary family photo eh? Well, this picture tells many stories, I can guarantee you that! This picture takes me back from a long, long time in.....wait! I'm 15, I sound like an old lady.... let me rephrase that again.

Well, it all started in our recent holiday to Phuket, Thailand a few months ago. We had a dive trip and it was gorgeous, but that isn't the story that relates to this photo, right? Well, I think it was some of the most outrageous(hilarious) holidays ever!

My brother and I were playing by the beach in the sea when we saw a middle-aged woman coming into the sea as well. She's still wearing a bikini if your wondering.

Well, She was there for quite sometime until she went back to the beach and came back topless! Usually, in Thailand, this is not allowed and because of the fact that I've never SEEN a topless woman, I was pretty shocked..... I have a much better figure than her, why can't I go topless?

But sorry to disappoint you, I didn't get a photo of her and I didn't go topless. So how did that photo came to be?

This is one of those golden moments in my life. My mom was taking pictures of my brother and I in the sea and we still couldn't help staring at her, so, we tried to take our own pictures until the topless woman casually comes up to us and goes "Hey! Do you want me to take a picture for you?"

How do you answer to that?

So in the end, we let her take a photo of us and if you understand our situation, you'd have a better understanding on why its sooo hard to focus on the camera when there's two extra large eyes staring back at us!
Right after she took a picture of us, she was laughing her head off and went away, and if you look back at the picture, you know why.

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