Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coffee Terrace

I just came back from Genting Highlands where we celebrated Father's day. And if you're wondering, no, we didn't take him out to the theme park. Instead, we took the dads out to dinner at the Coffee Terrace in the Genting Hotel.

Generally, its an international buffet restaurant with various types of food cooked in different styles such as nyonya, chinese, japanese, western, western asian, and they even have a lanai bar.

It was so awesome! I actually got the chef to specially make that fire for me.

The restaurant has got all kinds of food. You name it. Sushi, pasta, soup, ice kacang, steak and all kinds of stuff, but a girl can only eat so much.

Excuse me for the mess at the back. Apparently, the rest of the family members finished their meal by the time I came and they went off for dessert.

In the end, I got myself some keropok (2 types), dim sum, fish, some black egg, soup, and not surprisingly, sushi.

Every one of the food I got is of high standard and everything tastes great! The only thing I would've complained about was that the dim sum had a wee bit too much pepper for my liking (Just for the record, everything here is 100% halal).

Now for the highlight of the day; dessert. The desserts were presented well and everything looks delicious, but the most outstanding one for me is the chocolate fountain.

Mmmm...... don't you just wanna dip your head in it?


The desserts were pretty good too. I got myself two types of jelly and cream and 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream. But that was my share of the food. I did get to 'curi' food from others here and there, so I got pretty full.

As for the interior design, everything is elactic but stylish. Plus, there's even a place where customers can enjoy the view outside. (Not that there's anything to see for that matter, just cars and buildings.)

The design of the entrance was pretty good too.

Check out that fountain!

Oh... one more thing......

Chocolate fruits anybody? Ewww...........

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