Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hey! Sorry I took so long to update my blog. Been feeling pretty lousy lately. But yeaterday was pretty intersting cause' I went to Aquaria in KL with my mom, cousin and his kids, Luke and Madeline. About time I've got a story for my blog.

The first thing we saw was the piranhas. The kids was so excited! Lucky for us, we made it just in time for their feeding session. They even had a competition on how fast can the piranhas eat the squid. In the end it took them about 26 seconds. Madeline was the closest (24 sec), another little girl was the second (20 sec), while Luke got third (1 min).

Apparently, Madeline won a stuffed shark. She loved it so much that she would bring it everywhere she goes. (Honestly, I thought she preffered girly toys like Barbie dolls, but, sharks are just as cool.) Luke got himself a glass cup shaped like a tiger.

Later on, we checked out the insects there. Madeline loved the Butterflies while Luke was rather fascinated with the giant beetles and lizards. *shivers*

Luke likes doing all kinds of Kung Fu poses on the camera.

It looks like as if you could just jump in there eh? Do you think the kids are good enough to feed them to the fish?

We were at the Amazon zone, where huge monsters from the fresh waters were displayed. Its pretty amazing to see how far they could grow. The saddest thing about it is that thousands, maybe millions of them are captured to be put in a smaller environmant just so that people could see them.

Just at the right time, this huge creature came towards the kids and opened is mouth wide! Its like as if its saying, "FOOD!" Hahaha!!

We saw this signboard on the way and decided to freak their mom out who's currently in Australia that we went to the beach without her!

Just a typical day at the beach, we just arrived at the jetty.

Luke's doing his yoga poses.

Hey mom! We just took a trip to the beach and had a great time! Love, Luke, Madeline and Kelvin.

The kids were so excited when we've reached the giant aquarium. Apparently, this aquarium is about 30% of the real environment. But, I think the ocean is A LOT bigger than that.

The first thing that greeted us was these amazing sharks. Most people would be afraid of sharks like these, but sharks are rather shy, maybe cowardly creatures. Although there are also vicious sharks like the Tiger sharks or the Great White, they should also be respected all the more, because not many people may be aware of this, but the ratio between human deaths from sharks and the death of sharks from humans are 1:250 000 !
Every year, millions of sharks are killed because of humans. Not only that, humans kill them cruelly, by cutting off their fins alive and throwing them back to the sea to struggle for their lives. At this rate, the number of sharks would decrease at such an alarming rate that they are close to extinction!

But, back to the subject. I just find that sharks are some of the most awesomest creatures ever.

Check out these shark eggs! Plus they're alive! You don't see that everyday. You'd probably find them stuck to a coral in the sea.

Also, we spotted some giant turtles!

Again, I feel so sorry that such amazing creatures like this would have to spend all their lives in such a small environment rather than in the wild. Even this turtle dosen't look too happy with his new home.

All in all, we still had a wonderful time, especially the kids. They had such splendid time and they were so happy so I'm happy. Unfortunately, after all those running and sigh seeing, those kids are still full of energy that they won't stay still or sleep in the car as I had hoped. Kids.

Oh, by the way, guess what I've found?

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