Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Readups #2

The whole week was total crap for me. Due to the stupid, stupid H1N1 outburst, my school closed for a whole week and what am I supposed to do during the whole week of nothingness? Nothing.

Today, however, I did do something...

Things I did during the whole crap week:

1. Got a cold.

2. The kids went back to Australia, so I'm FREE!

3. Made a crap lunch of burnt spaghetti soaked in mushroom powder and hot water with overcooked vegetables followed by undercooked eggs beacuse my parents was out and my brother was the unfortunate victim.

4. Dyed my mom's hair.

5. Since there's half a bottle of hair dye (brown), I dyed my hair.

6. Trashed (cleaned) my room.

7. Found a lot of interesting stuff while trashing my room.

8. Ruined an old christmas hat and turned it to my Teddy's jacket.

So here's the result of my Teddy's jacket!





If you wern't paying attention to my previous post, my little niece, Madeline won herself a stuffed shark and she loved it! Unfortunately, because they had too much to bring to the Airport to Australia, her dad left it behind and I found it in their room. So here it is, the latest member of my bed family, Bruce (I named it after the shark from Finding Nemo)!


From left: Bruce, Teddy, Tesco Bear, and Bear.

(Excuse me for not being creative with the name calling...)

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