Monday, August 3, 2009

A Glimpse of History

"Anne! You gotta see this.", said my mom as she entered my bedroom. In her hands was a large album; a photo album. This must be our old photos from the good ol' days.

I've never laid hands on those albums for years, mainly because lizards would climb into the cupboard where its kept and also some embarassing photos of me back then. But looking back at those pictures really brings back memories.

As a kid, like any typical little girl, my favourite colour was pink, I love dressing up, and I like to pose to the camera. Guess which one of them am I?

When I was little, my parents would hire two maids to take care of us. When I think about it back then, I used to be a troublesome kid for the maids. Really.

I have a lot of cousins. Among all of them, I'm the eldest.

Ahh... yes, Bangkok, Thailand. I was afraid of that elephant.

No, this wasn't in China, I just can't remember....

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