Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year with Love

GONG XI FA CAI and HAPPY VALENTINES my dear readers! Its Chinese New Year and you know what that means..... cha ching! MONEY!! Oh! And family and friends.

I've got my nails done using a new pattern that I've just discovered, perfect for the year of the Tiger.

Hee hee.... sorry for the crap picture, but there wasn't enough light and it was hard to focus. Do you realise how hard it is to make such a pattern like that with a not-so-thin brush?? But, it was worth the effort in the end :)

My family and I left for Ipoh to visit my dad's side of the family last friday for our annual family dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year. You will not believe the terrible traffic jam that we had to go through. Worst of all, I just HAD to sit at the sunniest side of the car where I was sunbathing for the past 5 excruciating HOURS!!

By the time we've reached the house, we were just in time for dinner and it looked fantastic! Food fit for a king!

Mmmm..... doesn't that make you hungry?

To start off our tradition is to mix up the... ermm.... I don't know how do you spell it so please forgive me if I'm wrong, the Low Sang.

Yep, we use our chopsticks and we lift them up as high as possible to represent good luck and fortune! Its sweet and crunchy but its not exactly one of my favourite stuff to eat.

That day was also the day where tons of couples got hitched on that auspicious day. To be honest, I find it kinda cheezy to be married on Valentines day; its sooo unromantic and not creative enough. I wouldn't want to share the spotlight with a bunch of other couples if I were to be married. If I were to choose a date to be married, I'd like to marry like on the anniversary of our first date or if I'm really forgetful, which I am, I'd marry during the month of May or something like that.

Gosh, all that and I've only had a crush on ONE guy throughout the 16 years of my life. Its sad, but, I have standards.

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines Day!!

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