Thursday, February 18, 2010

OMG! I Can Skate!

Yes, the title says it all. I've finally learned how to skate without always landing on my butt!

It all started when my friends invited me to go ice skating with them. I was delighted at the idea, but I dreaded going ice skating. The last time I've visited the skating rink in Sunway Piramid didn't end too well. Let's just say that I was covered in bruises and a stiff arm despite the many attemps to skate on the slippery sheet of frozen water.

I came with my brother, Daniel and cousin, Celvin.

Don't be fooled by the looks of the big guy, that's my freakishly tall baby brother Daniel (he's about 190cm tall)!

**I hope he doesn't see this...**

So we all got our entry passes, skates and gloves. We were ready. At last, the moment of truth; time to skate. Before we got started, I kept questioning my friends, "How do you skate?? How do you skate???" But none of them seemed to be able to explain the secret of skating. Oh man!

I was the last among my friends to get on the ice and quickly went to the side so that I have something to support me. They could skate so swiftly and smoothly. How do they do it? I observed and tried as best as I can to copy their moves.

A little kid passed by me skating like as if it was as easy as breathing! I really gotta learn how to skate! Fast!

I held on to the side and began to push myself using one side of my leg and I began to move! I did the same thing with the other side and soon, I began to move slowly. As soon as I was confident enough, I let go and before I realised it, I was skating! I can skate!!

After a few rounds, I soon got used to manuvering myself on ice. I've finally learned how to skate! At last!

As I was slowly skating feeling confident that I couldn't slip and fall on the ice this time, I heard a voice call out my name. I turned my head, lost my balance, and with one leg in the air, SPLASH! The now melted ice I landed on got me all wet! Oh well, so much for staying dry.

Fatiha, one of my friends whom I was skating with apologized for distracting me and felt really bad, but now that I come to think about it, I thought it was funny so all is forgiven.

At last, it was lunchtime! we had Terriyaki for lunch this time; a nice change compared to eating fast food all the time whenever I go out with my friends. But it wasn't cheap let me tell you this.

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