Friday, May 14, 2010

Teacher's Day With SMKBBSL


It was a blast coming to school today! I didn't want to come in the first place, but, because my friends are performing, I came just to see them.

The students from the afternoon session came to join us too and there were plenty of performances by the students. There was the choir group

And there were some who was beatboxing, danced, sang and there were even two bands; one Malay and the other Chinese.

And there was my favorite, the drama my class made up called 'The New Kid'. It was a title I just made up when I did the script. I did it as fast as possible for the next day. But later, they used a new script made by someone else using the original one by me. It was much longer and more Malaysian like as the language is more 'Manglish' as I call it. Both malay and english.

Haha! I guess I'm a little too english :p

OK, I guess you must be wondering what's the story like so, I'll just give you the basic idea.

So the story starts with a new kid named Azmir(our class moniter) that enters the class. He was doing homework when the gangsters of the class approached him and disapproved of him doing homework. So, they took him under their wing and taught him 'how to live'.

A week later, Neville, one of the gangsters starts dancing and moonwalking to the song 'Billy Jean' by Michael Jackson, RIP. And then, the whole group starts dancing to Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'. SOO COOL!

Then, the teacher comes in, tells them to stop but they won't listen. It was at that time when the discipline teacher comes in and they all got in trouble. Meanwhile, the teacher called their parents.

At home, Azmir comes home and got one heck of a bollocking by his mother(Wen Peng, she's the director) telling him how his father left them and how hard she has to work and yadi yadi ya....

Azmir then storms out of the house after being punished by his mother. While he was out, his mother was unconcious because of asthma.

And it so happened that Azmir's teacher came to visit, saw his mom, revived her, called Azmir and then he rushes back home. It was soo damn dramatic; they had sad background music when they had reunited and there was touching speeches like Azmir saying he's sorry and his mom saying that he's forgiven and stuff like that.

The next day, Azmir was doing his homework again in school and his new friends persuaded him to dance again. He bangs the table saying that they should be learning and stuff and you get the deal; teacher feels touched and all's well that ends well.


I guess its a pretty good drama, I really enjoyed watching it and I applause!

Oh yeah! I was also a hired papparazi photographer taking pictures of a few specified people by request. I'd take pictures of really handsome guys or pretty girls for a certain someone who will kill me if I ever told a soul about their identity. So don't bother asking me, I won't budge.

Sometimes, I'd shout just to get that person's attention. And if there's no way I could get a good shot of them, I'd even go up to them personally and tell them that I want their picture for a certain reason. No prob.

Oh! And if you catch me taking pictures of you, I'm not a stalker; I'm a hired stalker. Take it as a compliment, it means someone likes you :D

So if there's a special someone you'd want a picture of, contact me. I'm available ^.~

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