Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Readup #8

Whew! What a week! A lot of things and happenings are going around in my school SMKBBSL. First of all, our school has this new 'outdoor classroom' where there's gonna be tables and chairs along with a white board at the assembly hall.

Apparently, this new classroom is meant for students who don't wanna study. But, what's the point of creating a classroom for those who don't wanna learn? Its also meant as a form of punishment where you'll be seen by everybody as a humiliation.

In my opinion, I think studying in a classroom like that sounds like a fresh change! Sure, you'll be recognised by everybody, but, when you see someone you know, you could just say hi and stuff and its not like they're intruding or anything, there are no walls!

Oh! And because Teacher's Day is coming soon, my classmates wanted to do a performance on that day. They wanted to do a drama about bad kids and stuff and I was asked to make the script.

I'm telling you ah, these 'gangsters' in the play especially cut their hair bald so that they'll look mean and tough. But, so far, people just keep laughing at them. Their hair is cut like the NS style like cousin Aaron. His head feels like a tennis ball. A wet, oily, tennis ball :S

Even the history teacher called them 'The Botak Gang' lolz!

Even now, my life has been active for the past few weeks. My friend Roann and I need to lose weight, so, we both agreed to meet up every Wednesday and Fridays at the Club to play badminton and go swimming. So far, we've been keeping up to our schedules and we did lose a few pounds.

Sometimes, on Satudays, I follow my mom to the gym as well and I ran for 6km! I couldn't believe I could do it either! I just did it, and I didn't feel any pain whatsoever.

Ah! I've been getting so many stuff to do involving writing; the scripts, letter writing, e-mails, homework and so much more!

Plus, judgement day(mid term exam) is coming soon. Oh boy!

Have a great week!

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