Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Piece of Heaven

Heaven may sound very distant, but I think Heaven could also be just around the corner.

That's right, I'm talking about... food.

I'm a chocoholic, so being at the Max Brenner chocolate cafe is the best place I've ever been to!

The presentation is excellent and no doubt the food is absolutely heavenly!

And of course, all the dishes are served with chocolate in all kinds of forms. Like this dip...

And this chocolate banana crepes...

Hell yeah! Chocolate pizza with the toppings of your choice!!

Apart from this chocolate heaven, one of the things that I've eaten and will remember until the day I die is... wait for it... the Wagyu beef...

Now I may not be a fan of steaks, but this is an exception. Unlike other cows(or beef, whatever you wish to call it), this Wagyu cow drinks beer. Yep, you read that right, beer. All their life. AND they have been massaged everyday until they get slaughtered. Lucky cow...

But the Wagyu cow is also executed differently too. Usually, when most animals know they're gonna die, their muscles will get tensed up. Thus the meat will be tougher.

So, in order to have soft meat, they massage the Wagyu cow until its relaxed and they electrocute it right at the the spine with one hard hit and the cow dies instantly.

Aren't the Japanese so clever?

Take a look at the normal beef.

Now take a good look at the Wagyu beef (or the 2nd picture above).

See that? Notice that the Wagyu beef has a marble pattern whereas the normal beef is just plain red.

It shows that the Wagyu beef has got fats trapped in between the muscles, which means the meat is much softer than most types of beefs. The best part is that its fats aren't bad for you either. In fact, its actually good for you!

Other than the fact that the Wagyu beef is the world's most expensive meat, its also a guaranteed trip to heaven on cloud 9!

I swear, I nearly swooned when I first took a bite out of it. Its like.. its like falling in love!

But it was kinda painful when we bought it at the Victorian market. When we first bought it, it was about $65.00 per kilo which would be about RM200. Ouch.

Then again, it'll be even more painful if we were to buy it in Malaysia itself which costs about RM800 per kilo. XP

But it was all worth it!

I'm hungry...

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