Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The 7 Types of Blogs I Like

It has come to my attention that my post about The 8 Types of Blogs that Bugs Me has now become my most popular all-time blog post. Apparently, people do care about what others think about their blogs.

So I feel that after posting my negative views on other blogs, I suppose I should follow up with a post about my positive views about certain blogs. So here we go. The type of blogs I like are...

1. Informative

To be perfectly honest, I don't really give a damn about the ordinary lives of other people, strangers in particular. Like, some people will blog about how boring their day was, or how they bought a new phone and how much better it is than mine, etc, etc... I don't care! But informative blogs are usually the ones that captures my attention.

Blogs that do reviews of certain products, food or anything else will certainly get my views because I can gain knowledge from them rather than 'lala' blogs that post nothing but ugly pictures of people camwhoring in the toilet. Just saying...

2. Full of pictures

If I had to choose between a textbook full of dull texts or a textbook full of color and pictures, I'd definitely choose the picture textbook. Why? Because it makes things look a lot more interesting and it helps me to  have a better understanding about what the author is describing. No matter how boring the blog could possibly be, it can grab my attention if it has more pictures included.

Don't be the dull textbook, those are for serious (and possibly old) people.

3. Interactive

When bloggers interact with their readers, I feel that it helps create a bond between blogger and reader and I will surely come back if the blogger seems like a nice person after having a nice chat or even saying a quick hello. That's because it creates an interest in the blogger and I would like to get to know him/her better.

Don't be a stuck up snob towards your readers. Just by saying hi might even do the trick to bring that reader back for more.

4. Generous

You know, the kind of blogs that do charity or goodwill. And if not, blogs that organizes contest where they give away freebies to some of their lucky readers. Its fun, and both blogger and readers can benefit from it!

5. Humorous

Funny blogs are surely the ones I would visit the most to give me a boost of happiness and some bloggers are simply hilarious! Yes, funny blogs are the best blogs in my opinion.

6. Creative

Some blogs I've come across are very creative. For example, there are bloggers who actually take the time and trouble to draw cartoon characters of themselves while others take the time to photoshop images into ridiculous ones like this:

  Blogger Kenny Sia decided to to be 'lala' for a day and photoshopped himself as the Blog Queen XiaXue. I laughed so hard when I first saw this picture!

7. Interesting

But of course, the blog has to be interesting to capture anybody's attention. Weather its about your travels, your new muffin recipe or that girl/boy you've been stalking all month, it has to be interesting enough for me to come back for more!

Nobody likes to stick to a bore, be interesting! If you wanna be interesting, talk about things other than yourself. To be boring, talk about yourself. That's what I think.

Happy Blogging!


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