Friday, July 15, 2011

Driving with Melissa

Ever since I first got my P license 2 months ago, I haven't been driving for quite some time until last week, when I began driving to school. Using an AD resort (a.k.a, the manual car).

OK, I know I passed the test and all, but I'm still a nervous driver. So when my friend, Melissa asked me to drive her home on the first day I drove to school, I was a little skeptical about the idea of driving anybody anywhere.

I couldn't say 'No' to her so I was like 'O...k...., but no comments on my driving!'.

So I planned to route to Melissa's house. Just as I was signalling left, Melissa told me, 'No, don't go left. I prefer the other way.'

So... I went her way and this is what happened:

Well, we ended up being stuck at a slope when the car conveniently died right there! I wasn't planning on going up that slope but because Melissa said it was the fastest way, I just went up there.

And then I realized that I was on 3rd gear when I drove up the slope which is probably why the car died when I was supposed to be on 2nd gear. So, I quickly pulled up the handbreak. Just as I was going on 1st gear, the car went backwards and Melissa and Daniel were freakin out!

This time, I pulled the handbreak really hard, got onto 1st gear, hit the gas, let the handbreak go, and VRROOOM!!! The car just sped right to the top. LOL.

Next time, I'm going my way.

The next week, we had to stay back after school because we had a Treasure Hunt competition. So after we were done, Melissa asked to to send her home. Honestly, I'm surprised that she wants me to take her home after that episode up the slope.

But once again, I couldn't say no to her.

So this was what happened later on:

This time, just as I was turning out of the guard house, I was shocked to find that I couldn't turn the steering wheel. Then slowly, the car touched the cones and it was pushing it right in front of the guards some more OMG!!!

And then I realized that the car once again died. But I don't know how did it die this time because I SWEAR I was still on 2nd gear and I didn't go any higher or lower.

Nonetheless, I restarted the car, reversed and turned out of the guard house. Both the guards and Melissa were laughing. That was embarassing.

Along the way, there were some birds on the road and Melissa was like, 'Anne! Watch out for the birds!!!'

But I couldn't care less, because I know the birds can obviously fly out of the way and there's no way I'm gonna stop and honk at those birds. And even if i did kill a bird, then nevermind, we have a free dinner. Problem solved.

So when we were about to reach a junction, I saw this little white dog at the side of the road, suddenly Melissa started screaming:

And so I braked. But the dog wasn't even in front of the car, it was at the side only.

Seriously. Just as I braked and was recovering from a heartattack, there was Melissa, oogling at the puppy, saying how cute it was =.=

After sending her home, everything was smooth sailing. Come to think of it, why is it that everytime I send Melissa home, there's always episodes like these coming up?

Maybe I'm nervous driving somebody else home, or its the pressure.

That's it. I'm getting a Mini Cooper S. And fast!

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