Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Sweet Stench of Victory


That's what I've been screaming at the Green house whose not even my team because our boys from the Blue team lost at the first round =.=

BUT! On the other hand, us blue girls won the tug-of-war event to make up for it so yeah... look at my shiny new Gold medal!

Its the first medal I've won ever since I left Seri Suria and entered this school. Which is relief because I thought I'd never win a medal of any sort compared to my junior years. Just look at the medals I won back in the day!

Oh well, I'm pretty happy that I've finally won something nice and shiny for a change :)

I had a feeling that its gonna be a great day because just look at the amount of people that came last Friday (no Rebecca Black reference)!

But I still find it strange that we had our Sports Day in July. Usually Sports Day is supposed to be in April... oh well...

So I've been walkin around, taking pictures of some random s**t like this one;

Haha! That guy looks like he's posing with that cutout when actually he's just trying to adjust its position.

Nice underwear pal...

Also, there's a lot of pretty girls out there for the march. Dunno how the heck do some of them manage to walk on the grassy field wearing stilleto high heels. Wouldn't they get stuck once in a while?

I've been there and done that. One time, I got stuck when I accidentally stepped on the grills of a drain. Took me awhile until I managed to hack my heels out XP

Damn, we have a lot of fine girls in school...

What is this? A freakin pageant??


WTF!? They literally have a 1 Malaysia as their mascot?? LOL!!

And this Red house here has a hired assassin to threaten the judges to let them win or...

OK, I give up. What kind of mascot is that? Looks like a TV of some sort...

And this is our mascot for the Blue house. At first, I thought it was a blue turtle. But it turns out that its supposed to be an earth or globe...

But hello? Isn't he supposed to be big and round to be an earth??

The irony of it all is that my parents owns the business of making customized mascots. But if I were to find a mascot at the last minute, I would take one of the goats from our school compound, dye it blue, dress it up in blue outfits and use THAT as our mascot.

Now that will be an awesome mascot besides the animal cruelty.

As usual lah, all these girls would start camwhoring as soon as they're unleashed after the march.

Then things got serious from then on when the games begin.

Even the teachers had to race as well!

Nope, your eyes aren't fooling you. We won SECOND PLACE!!! WAKAKAKA!!! *sigh*

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