Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cassandra's Confirmation

I've never felt as happy as I did last Sunday when I've finally been confirmed as a Catholic. It was certainly a beautiful occasion and I'm happy to be stuck with Jesus for the rest of my life.

Before the big day, I was really stressed out over my dress because about 2 weeks ago, everybody had their outfits ready except for me. I was really worried by then because Aunt J, a friend of my mom's was supposed to make me a dress.

ell, the first dress aunt J made was unfortunately not what I had in mind because my measurements were not taken and we've never discussed the design and material. So this is how the first dress turned out:

This is the kind of dress I would've probably worn if I were 7. Although her estimations of my measurements were pretty close enough, I didn't think it was suitable for the day I've been looking forward to since I first started going to Sunday school (which is a looong time).

And don't get me started on how I look in the dress.

But anyway, I smiled and thanked her for her efforts. Though I was genuinely grateful that aunt J took the time to buy the materials and make the dress, I was still a little disappointed that it wasn't what I expected it to be.

2 days later, mom asked me what did I think of the dress. I didn't say anything but mom knows me so well that before I could even reply, she was like, "A little disappointed, huh?"

Its like the heavens have opened up and I can hear choirs of angels singing 'Hallelujah' my prayers have been answered; my mom DOES have some good fashion sense! And suddenly the day became bright again.

So like... 5 days before my confirmation, my mom explained the situation to aunt J and she agreed to make me a new dress. This time, our way.

3 days before the big day, we went over to see the dress. Other than the fact that the dress was a little shorter than the full-length dress I pictured, it was pretty much OK. It was definitely WAAAY better than the first one. But it needed some alterations because the dress was kinda loose.

And so, a day BEFORE my confirmation day, mom went to pick up the dress. Finally!

So at last, I finally had something to wear on my confirmation day. But the next time another big occasion like, I dunno, a wedding comes up, I'm definitely doing things MY WAY and I'll guarantee that I'll have the dress ready within at least 3 months before the BIG day. Not the day before it.

And I'd definitely rent the dress. I'm not sure if I can trust people to make me a dress at the moment...

Oh yeah! Check out the nail art I created for that special day.

OK, back to my confirmation....

So the ceremony went smoothly; I had something nice to wear, I've got my Godmother, aunt Susan at my side, and that wonderful satisfaction of being closer to God after 10 years of journeying towars this day with the rest of my classmates. This guy here is Samuel btw, he and I designed our confirmation t-shirts for our camp. You can read all about the crazy times we had at the camp here.

Teacher, if you are reading this, thank you so much for all your hard work. We may not show it, but we truly are grateful for your time, efforts and patience. May the good Lord send His Holy Spirit down upon all of you for good things will come your way soon.

These are our awesome teachers who prepared us for our confirmation since last year. From left, there's teacher Nancy, Sonia and Peter.

With my Godparents and parents at the altar.

So after the ceremony had ended, I am now officially Anne Cassandra Wong Synpuhn! Whee! I have a middle name :D

So lets celebrate with ice cream yam cake!!!

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