Saturday, August 13, 2011

The BIG One

I know its kinda late, but as promised, here's my experience of being part of the BIG One video workshop.

Our first day started off with introductions and games. Such as what I call the 'musical cups' above where everybody has to be in sync with each other so that it'll sound awesome.

I couldn't forget the 'seeing through your ears' activities where we were blindfolded and led round the farm by the facilitators bare foot!

Credits of this photo goes to YNN

So... yeah, we went down the hot steps of staircases, walked over sharp pebbles, past soft grass, and onto ice cold water which someone has obviously poured onto our pathway. It was a totally different experience and we learnt that we had to transmit those feeling to our audience when they see our videos.

The next day starts off with making your own breakfast because I think the uncle prefers to sleep late so he gonna be like, 'Here's your frying pan, here's the stove, and here's the egg. Now leave me alone.'
*goes back to sleep*

Its probably the only time where people actually get to show off their cooking skills. Some pro's are even kind enough to take other people's order and have that slight chance to ruin their breakfast. If they wanted to.

I'm definitely no cook. So I took nobody's order and made my own crappy breakfast. I made a sunny side up with ham sandwich. And it didn't burn! YAY ME!!

Alright, so everybody has been split up into 3 groups. Each group were assigned to create a video which relates to the Farm. For my group, we were sent to Lenggeng Town which is not too far away from the Farm while the others had to film there. So we get to escape from the Farm.

Everybody in the group played a different role. I was the editor together with Marcuse. Though I'm not sure if I was very much help cuz for some reason, I felt really, really tired. Don't ask me why.

It was a wonderful experience to harass some random person on the streets so that they can be in our video XD

As the editors, Marcuse and I were pretty free while they were filming. Look how busy everybody else were...

Guess what? While everybody else were interviewing an old man in a shop, Miera, Marcuse and I found this uncle and we thought we'd interview him as well. Turns out that we weren't in Lenggeng Town the whole time and we went the opposite way!

So the kind uncle drew a map for us, gave us some directions, told us the places of interest, and off we go!

By the time we've reached Lenggeng Town, it was raining cats and dogs! So we couldn't go far because of the rain and walked down the shophouses.

And thank our lucky stars, we have found someone who could actually speak english! Finally!!

Yes, we found this aunty who spent her childhood in lenggeng and she can speak plain English. At last! All day, we were looking for someone to interview, but most of the people either refused to be on camera or we couldn't understand each other because we speak different languages.

Plus, we were even allowed to take a look up their old shophouse. All I can say about that place is that it was the darkest and dustiest room I've ever been in.

Can you see the dust floating about in the air???

We even had the priveledge to talk to the state deputy of the place and it was amazing luck as well because he was born and raised in that place, so he is bound to know a lot about Lenggeng.

And now, a group photo with our mentor, Joe on the right. She's awesome with the cameras.

And there was the Post-production. Which means its the editor's job to edit the videos. Arrgh! Being an editor is such a pain. No wonder why they get paid so much! Its hard work looking through hundreds of clips to choose from and squeeze them all into
less than 5 minutes!

Its not easy finding out the right time to cut the videos, its not easy to put them all in the right sequence, and its ESPECIALLY not easy to do subtitles! Omg, how do these people do it? You have to translate every single word and type them all out and we had only a day to complete this video.

Marcuse is great with the computers because I really have no idea how to work out the programme and I keep dropping off once in a while. So he did most of the work. Sorry Marcuse, I wasn't much help.

Honestly, I felt like the Ringo Starr of the group...

Anyway, after many waking hours of editing the video, here is the outcome..

Yeah... we didn't do the subtitles because we didn't have enough time to do that... But basically, he's talking about the good stuff about the place. Nothing too mind blowing about that...

But check out the other group's videos. They're pretty awesome. :)

Paradise in a Farm describes the many joys you find in there. Get close to nature and enjoy the activities it has to offer!

Fresh from the Farm is all about the scrumptious food you can find in the Farm. In this video, Alyna will show you how to make a delicious meal using all the ingredients from the Farm.

After watching all the videos, I have to point out that all the hosts of the videos sounded very stiff and nervous. But who am I to judge? I'm not the host and even if I were, I'd probably be nervous myself. So they did a good job for an amateur, right?

And so, our journey ends here. We had a blast coming for this workshop and I have definitely learnt a lot about video production now.

Lets take a look at some of the people's thoughts during the workshop...

Some of my favorites were...

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