Monday, August 1, 2011

David Archuletta's CRAZY Fan

Isn't he wonderful??

I've always supported David Archuleta ever since he first appeared on American Idol. That's why I was kinda pissed that David Cook won instead of him. When I first heard the results, I was like 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!'

But anyway, as soon as my friends and I heard about David Archuleta coming to Malaysia for his Concert, we bought the tickets straightaway!

And so, to make sure I got a good view of him, I wore the highest wedge sandals I own (which is about 3 inches tall). What I didn't know was that we were gonna walk all the way from China town to the stadium which is about a 10 minute walk XP

By the time we got there, I was sweating like a pig and my feet began to hurt. Plus, we were waiting at the stadium from 6 to 8. That's like 2 hours we've been waiting out there. We left at 4pm and the concerts starts at 8pm. Until now, I still don't understand why did we have to go 4 hours early...

So we finally got our seats and what a coincidence! We met WenXin right next to us! We met her at the environmental camp in Genting last year. You can read all about our trip here.

Finally! I saw David Archuleta as super cute as ever! In the flesh. RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!!!

Yes, I may not look it, but I was capable to scream continuosly for at least 30 seconds until my friends had to turn and stare at me XD

When David sang, 'Stand by Me', he was like, 'Won't you stand... stand by me?' and I was like, 'YES I WILL STAND BY YOU, DAVID!!!'

OMG... even his sweat is adorable! Can I... can I kiss it???

I'm soo hating those people I met recently who even took a PICTURE with him!! OOHHH the frustration!!

But for his sake, maybe its a good thing we never met because if we ever had to come in contact, I would have a super glue ready with me and I would apply it to my hands, ask him to give me a Hi-5 and... we'll be together.... FOREVER....

Look how excited they are! Come to think of it, I think 90% of the audience that day were all females. The only guys who came were either the boyfriends of the female fans or their kid brothers. Basically, the girls are probably the ones that dragged the boys to the concert. The only guys that came by themselves were VERY few...

So yeah, I had a blast coming to David Archuleta's concert that Tuesday night! If only I actually got to meet him, it would make it the PERFECT night of my life.

Just you wait, Archuleta. We shall meet again...

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