Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Car and I

Isn't she beautiful?? This is my car. MY car!

Omg, its like a dream come true; I have my very own freakin car!

Ever since I was 14, I've always wanted to own a car. To be independent when it comes to transport. No longer will I have the need to disturb my parents by calling them or waking them up to send me to places! This is the life.

If you knew me long enough, you would've known that my dream car is a Mini Cooper S. It still is!

But I've gotta be realistic here. There's no way a student like me could possibly afford such an expensive car and I doubt that my parents are willing to pay such a high price when I only need a mode of transport.

So when I'm out in the working world and become a successful businesswoman or something like that, you can be sure to find me driving that gorgeous car someday...

But in the meantime, my current baby is this second hand Myvi of 4 years. She may not be brand new, but she's great to drive around compared to the AD Resort (which is a manual gear. btw).

This may not be my previous car, but that's exactly what my old car looked like. Although I passed the driving test using a manual car, I'm still pretty lousy at it.

Just as soon as I thought I've finally gotten used to driving a manual gear, the car just DIED when I was turning past the guard house. The road in front was clear, the car waiting at the back of me was clearly annoyed, and the guard was watching me. Oh the pressure!

I started the car again. Not even a second later, it died again! And I'm like, 'OK, I'm really freakin out here!'

So I started the engine once again, and it SHOT across the road, nearly colliding with the car driving in front of me. I quickly swerved to the side, hitting the curb and the other car managed to move away just in time, while honking at me.

That was the scariest moment of my life, I nearly cried...

After telling my dad what happened, he was like, 'That's it. We're getting you an automatic car.'


So the AD Resort was sold away and I gotta admit, I'm kinda sad to see it go because I've known that car all my life. I practically grew up with it! I've slept in it as a baby, I've traveled in it, I nearly caused an accident with it...

We've shared loads of memories together.

But anyway, I guess its about time to let it go. After all, my new baby is a lot easier to drive and I'm a lot more confident in driving to places now. Recently, I even managed to drive all the way to church by myself and there was no accidents, no complications, nothing! It was a completely smooth journey!

Plus, the car is pretty spacious, the seats are comfortable, there's no clutch, no 1st gear, 2nd gear nonsense, just drive, reverse, or park. Its like driving a bumper car!

Oh, and for all my readers' information, I won't be blogging as frequently as I usually do because of the extremely important SPM trials and I need the time to study the crap out of me. I hope you understand and wish me luck!


  1. Your car's not that bad, though. But you still need to have another car for emergency purposes. The Mini Cooper's a great choice, but you can still make room for a used car just as long as you buy it from a trusted dealer and that it's durable.

  2. Congratulations on your brand new car! I'm very happy for you..Your parents made a wise decision getting you a new car with automatic transmission. No more confusing stick shift for you! Yay!

  3. Haha! Someday soon, you’re going to have that dream car of yours. For now, you just have to wait for that moment to come. ;) Well, at least your dad bought you a new one. You have to be thankful for having such kind of car. It’s still amazing! Oh, well, I’ve said that because my car is also automatic! Hahaha! I love how easy it is to drive it. There’s no clutch to control, making it less stressful for a girl like me. :p

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