Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Girly Advantage: Periods


And if you're still reading, you're either eligible to read or some guy who has nothing else better to do.

I don't know what's the big deal about having periods. Its just the natural process of every girl's life and I think it shouldn't be a taboo subject because there's nothing to hide. It's not shameful, its normal.

A lot of girls I know would complain about it when the time of the month comes. Sure, you'd get the pimples, the mood swings and probably the occasional cramps. But I think having periods is a great advantage! How can you not love it?

For one thing, whether you have your period or not, its the perfect excuse to get away from anything!
For example, you can use the period excuse to:

1. Skip gym class

Ooh! Sorry teacher, but I have period cramps. Cannot run today.

2. Not go swimming when you don't feel like it

Works every time.

3. Avoid any unwanted dates

And they would leave you alone.

4. Be late and blame it on your period

Sorry, but we can't help it ;)

5. Leave unexpectedly 

You know, during some boring lecture or some unpleasant stuff that you wouldn't like to be involved in. Because of your period.

And many, many more! Its the perfect excuse, and nobody will question you especially guys. The moment you say the 'P' word in front of them, they'll get really uncomfortable and leave you alone. Immediately. Great stuff. Unless of course, they're clueless about it.

Which reminds me about that one time I met this guy at camp. He was 18 then and guess what? He had no idea what is a period and how do us girls control it. And so, at the age of 13, I had to give an 18 year old guy 'the talk' about girls. Poor guy, he looked pretty... amazed and err... enlightened when I told him about it. He should really get out more.

And don't ask me how the hell did we eventually get to that talk.

But on medical terms, having periods isn't such a bad thing because it helps slow down the ageing process and somehow, after the period is over, you'd feel happier and prettier. Don't you?

Besides, I think it sucks if you don't get your period as a girl because you won't feel like a girl without it. 

Well, I'm glad we've had this girl talk. I think its good to share our thoughts about womanhood with one another. Good luck and have a great life.

And if you're a guy who have just completely ignored my warnings, screw you.



  1. Okay, you have convinced me! I wish I were a girl instead of a guy! And yes, it would be good to be screwed!


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