Saturday, September 3, 2011

6 Gifts NOT to Give a Girl

Everybody LOVES receiving gifts. Especially girls.

When they really like the gift, they really appreciate the gifts. But give them the wrong thing and you would find yourself in a load of s**t. Or if you're lucky, they'd just smile, say 'Thank you', and leave it in the darkest corner, never to be seen again...

Like any typical girl, I love receiving gifts too. So based on my 17 years of experience of receiving gifts, here's my take on what not to give a girl. Guys, be aware that not all girls are the same, so whatever gift I may find cheesy might actually work on your lady.

So take note, I advice that you do not give her...

1. A Teddy Bear

Yes, as much as it sounds sweet to give a girl a teddy bear, think about it; what is she supposed to do with it? Look at my header above and see how many teddy bears I own. And that's not all, my collection of Teddies have grown since then and now I have... 7 Teddies!

What do I do with it? Because its been given by friends and relatives, I don't have the heart to give it away and I have no shelves to keep it. So, I keep them on my bed where they've already taken up half of the space. And no, I do not cuddle them like you hoped I would, I just dump them on my bed. Full stop.

2. Clothes

For goodness sake, please do not give her clothes. Its true that girls loves shopping for clothes and stuff, but we all have different tastes. You might think you bought her something flattering, but she may interpret it differently.

And what if you got her the wrong size? If its too small, she will be embarassed, and if you buy her a size too big, she might think you're calling her fat. So do not interfere with our wardrobe by trying to either dress us up or down if you value your life.

3. Chocolates

Most girls have a weakness for chocolate. Especially me. I adore chocolates! But there's also the pitfalls that comes with it. There's this one time I received so many chocolates all at once, and let me tell you, it was torturous trying to resist its temptations. So do not tempt her by buying her chocolates unless you like hearing her moan about her weight all the time.
4. Perfumes

I think its best to let your lady select her own brand of scent. Don't assume that every girl likes the smell of Roses or Citrus. Some girls may be allergic to the chemicals and for all we know, the perfume might even smell bad on her because everybody has their own natural odour scent. Some girls might even find it offensive because they might assume that its your gentle way of saying 'You stink.'

5. Cleaning Equipments

 'Oh, but its pink, dear. Your favorite color! What's wrong?' Oh yes, its my favorite color. But it doesn't matter because YOU'RE vacuuming up the place once I'm done with you.

6. Gym Membership

Signing her up for a gym membership is like signing your own death warrant. If you really want her to lose weight, take her out for a walk, go for thrilling adventures like rock climbing or mountain biking (without telling her that she's fat of course).

And that's all the no-no gifts I could think of to never give a girl. But what's most important is that its the thought that counts. Don't splurge for the sake of buying 'things' for your girl because its not the trinkets you buy that counts, its the memories and experience you shared that matters the most.

By the way, my SPM trials are coming next Tuesday. *groans* So the next few posts are probably gonna be irregular and short as I need what little precious time I have to study.

I wish all the SPM candidates 2011 good luck and I hope we'll pass with flying colors!


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