Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New Girl

OK, so I'm currently on school holiday for Christmas and the New Year until the first week of January. That means I've had about 4 days of school in Italy so far.

I'm so glad that my host sister, Lia, is about my age so we can go to school together. At least there's somebody I know on my first day of school. We go to the same class together.

I thought the place was absolutely beautiful! We took a bus to school and I've been taking pictures along the way. I saw snow on the mountains!!! O.o

Woah! They actually have graveyards for their dogs. Awesome.

The streets were so quiet in the morning. So different compared to Malaysia.

Well, this is my classroom. There are about 22 students, but including me, there's 23 students in the class.

I was so nervous about going to their school. I was really hoping that they'd like me because I want to fit in so badly. During the AFS orientation camp, I've heard of quite a few students who didn't even make any friends because of the language barrier and sometimes, the students don't really give a damn about Asian kids, so I got kinda worried.

It turns out that once again, I worry for nothing. My classmates seemed happy to meet me! They were all smiles and introduced themselves. They showed me around the school and introduced me to their teachers. They can't really speak good English, but I can basically understand what they're trying to say.

The girls are so nice and they're so much fun! They are very close to each other and so friendly. They wanted me to sit at different places of the class with different people so that we can get to know each other better. I like that arrangement.

There are very few boys in the class though. I think there's about.... 7? I think. But they're so friendly and they were very curious about where I come from and how things are compared to Italy. They are so freakin gorgeous, but a little... errmm.... crazy.

As for the teachers, they were really nice people. They can't really speak English that well either, but I'm glad they try to anyway.

The English teacher is my favorite though. For obvious reasons. She took me to different classes to talk about our Malaysian culture and stuff while my class is taking a Latin exam. Latin is so friggin hard I'm telling you. Even though we may have a bit of Latin during mass, I still don't get it.

My classmates are awesome!

It was on the last day before the holidays started when we had a class party! I've never told my host family, but I hate cheese. But you know what? Their food is so good, I've been completely converted! (except the mozzarella cheese. I didn't really like it. Hopefully, I'd eventually get used to the taste).

My favorite so far is the Margarita pizza. Its a classic pizza in Italy and its so simple! Its just the pizza with cheese, tomato sauce and some basil leaves. Its simply 'molto buono'!

Later on, Lia and I went to visit a friend's house. I enjoyed looking at the streets of Italy. So small and quaint.

The streets are so beautiful at night! The lights, the shops, the people, everything! I'm so happy.

HOLY S**T! Its Sophie Kinsella's new book! I wanna read it, but its in Italian :(

And that was the end of my first week in an Italian school. I have to say that the school is very small, but the good thing about it is that then everybody in the school knows each other unlike a large school like mine. I was quite relieved that I managed to make friends and I feel so lucky that I have a host sister like Lia.

She's the best :)


  1. Oh my GOSH I'm so jealous lmao
    The boys are like....*drools* You're so luck!
    I wanna read morreeee

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  3. I feel really jealousy. I just done with that. I missed my college life too. I am doing human resources degree online as i have no time to be there in college all the day


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