Monday, December 12, 2011

Ready for Italy!

As most of you guys would know by now, I'm going to Italy for the next 2 months! I'm really excited and for the past few days, we've been shopping for some winter clothes and other essentials for the trip. Here's some of the stuff we bought.

From the letter I received, it says I needed to bring along a traditional costume to show the Italian folks. So my mom wanted to get me a Nyonya costume because I'm actually from a Nyonya heritage. For those who don't know, the Nyonyas were actually a mix of Malay and Chinese royalty back then.

Nowadays, there are very few Nyonyas around, but my great grandma is a Nyonya. We could hardly find any nice Nyonya traditional outfits in KL, so we went to Melaka to find it as the Nyonya people originated there.

Luckily, we were able to find PLENTY of beautiful Nyonya clothes and its in such good quality (unlike the lousy ones we've found in KL)! There were a few outfits, but I've finally made a decision and here it is!

What do you think?

The thing is, its gonna be winter there, so I hope where ever I'm going to might have heaters so that I won't freeze my butt off when I wear this outfit there. Still, it is a really nice outfit. Maybe I'll wear it for Easter day next year when I'm back in Malaysia.

I also got a few stuff mainly from Mid Valley. Mostly long sleeved shirts and some sweaters. And some jeans. I'd usually go for Levi's jeans for quality, but this time, I've found a better place to look for jeans. 

This time, I got my jeans from Dorothy Perkins. Their jeans are super comfortable, its good quality and it costs less than RM100 (probably also because its on discount). I should've gone looking for those jeans a long time ago!

Here we have my scarves, hat and gloves. I'm gonna be nice and toasty there!

And then we have my jackets, sweater and cardigan. Of course, not all of them are new. Some were the same jackets I use whenever I go to Australia.

I am, however, pretty glad I have a trench coat. I feel like a flasher!

Then there's my favorite...

I swear! I did not plan to buy 2 boots. Even though I got them both for less than RM150 (I absolutely LOVE sales). I planned to get only one because I know its gonna be cold there and I couldn't wear any of my formal shoes cuz they're all strappy heels and my feet will be frozen for Christmas and New Year. 

But because Aunty Margaret wanted to get me something nice and we were stuck between the two boots, she decided to get both of them for me (don't worry, they were waayy below her budget). Thanks a lot Aunty Margaret! I love you!

I also got two thermal clothes (or Long Johns as most would call it, or long underwear if you wanna make it sound even more un-sexier). But its really amazing stuff because even though the cloth appears thin, I can actually sweat in an air conditioned room with only that thing on!

While we were shopping, I was really hoping I could find something nice to wear for Christmas because apparently, the dresses I have are not appropriate for the weather and the material might cause static shocks. It was only on the last day, I've found the PERFECT dress which is pretty, festive, warm, and comfortable!

Check it out! This is what I'll wear this Christmas.

This is what it looks like on the outside. But on the inside...

Tada! I told you I feel like a flasher in a trench coat, right? But anyway, what do you think of the dress? Its made of wool, so its very warm (trust me, I was already sweating when I took the picture). Its in a festive color, which is red, perfect for Christmas and it doesn't cause static shocks! 

Its the perfect winter dress!

I'm really excited about the trip to Italy. I've been communicating with my host sister. So apparently, my host family is a family of four; a mother, father, brother and sister. I'm quite relieved that my host siblings are about the same age as me. The brother is 17 and the sister is 16! Just like me and my brother!

They also live in a villa and I'll be going to Campania, which is South of Italy (thank goodness its warmer there!). Its also near Naples and its not too far away from Rome. 

Oh I really hope I could visit Rome!

I'll be going to an Italian school and I'm very nervous about attending their local school as a foreign student. I hope I'd be able to make as many friends as possible and maybe fit it with them. This is like 'The New Girl' feeling in school all over again! 

I hope they like me.

Updates maybe a little slow for the next couple of days because I'll be off to Italy this Friday. I'm feeling excited and nervous at the same time. 

Wish me luck and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Those boots!!! Gah!!! I'm so jeslous xD you look amazing btw . Man, why can't you pack me up in your suitcase and take me with you???


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