Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 1: Road Trip

Last Friday, I spent the weekend at Bukit Metajam and then Pulau Pinang to celebrate St. Anne's feast at St. Anne's church. Actually, my main story was supposed to be about the grand church at Bukit Metajam, but the road trip was so eventful and full of surprises that day that I just had to share it with you!

In the beggining, I was hoping to get a picture of the highway, but because I was in the car, there was no way I could get a good picture so I forgot all about it. How did I get the picture above?

The car overheated.

My dad stopped the car by the side of the road and so we had to wait for about 20 minutes or so. After a REAALLY long time (5 mins), we got tired of doing nothing in the car and decided to fill the tank with water.

To open up the tank, one should wear something to protect their hands because it could get hot. So armed with a towel and an old underwear, my dad bravely went and opened up the bonnet of the car to open the cap of the tank. As soon as he opened it, the tank exploded! Luckily, no one got burned or hurt. Its too bad I didn't get a picture of it!

Well, maybe I exaggerated a little, the tank didn't really explode, it kinda 'spat' out hot, boiling water.

Not long after that, a tow truck came by.......uh oh........

Just kidding! He wasn't gonna tow us away, much to my relief, he just came to help. Luckily, he had a bunch of water bottles so the car cooled down quickly.

After being stranded out at the side of the highway for about half an hour, we were on the road again! On the way, we stopped at the highway stop and bought some longans. Unlike most longans, the skin of the longans we bought were hard while most of the longans I get from the market and such are soft. One thing I can say about it is; best longan ever.

The reason why most longans are soft is because they're usually soaked in water so that they'll be heavier in which the person who sells it can charge his customers more for less. We finished it all by the time we reached our destination.

Along the way, we saw a badly damaged car by the side of the road, and I MEAN badly damaged. The car was totally crushed and the strange part was that there was only one car and not two, so how did the car get crushed?

The answer came as we moved on. A dead cow.

It must've been a real shocked to the driver and I really feel sorry for him rather than the cow. Nobody would expect to drive on the highway and get hit by a cow! There was no herd of cows to be seen anywhere, so, this cow might be a wild one. Another great pic that I couldn't take!

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