Thursday, September 3, 2009

Picture Perfect

Did you ever have that feeling when you think you did a good job and deserves to be rewarded? Well, I need your help and hopefully, perhaps it was worth it. Out of the 11 pictures that you are about to see, please help me out on which picture shows the best image on biodiversity. Its for a competition and I need your opinion (although there is a slim chance that I'll win, but at least I did my best).

** These pictures were taken from a total amature and solely taken by me.**

These photos were taken in Pulau Tioman, Terengganu during one of my dive trips. Enjoy!

PICTURE #1- Abundance

PICTURE #2- Beauty

PICTURE #3- Clown Fish

PICTURE #4- Underwater Garden

PICTURE #5- Friends

PICTURE #6- Yellow Fellow

PICTURE #7- Red Flower

PICTURE #8- School

PICTURE #9- Single Reef

PICTURE #10- Green Turtle

PICTURE #11- Big Beauty

Please let me know which picture is your favourite by posting your pick under the comments. Thanks!

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