Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Readups #3

Hey everybody! So far, I feel that I've been having TOO MANY holidays!! My mom and dad won't be around from yesterday til tomorrow, so I have the house ALL TO MYSELF (well, sorta, my brother and cousins are still in the house...)!

Its my parent's 27th anniversary, so they decided to do something special this year. To be honest, I'm very happy for them because its about time they did something for their anniversary. (Last year on their anniversary day, my dad forgot all about it totally and went out to play golf instead. My mom was so upset about it.)

Tips for all men: Women never forget.

My mom used to tell me that in the first few years of their anniversary, she used to buy a gold bangle for each year. About 5 bangles later, she decided to stop as it was a waste of money and she couldn't wear it all at once.

Every year, my parents never really had any celebrations of some sort for their anniversary. No gifts, no parties, no fancy dinners.....etc, etc...... So I'm pretty much happy for them that they get to celebrate their love after 27 years of marriage. Most marriages don't last that long.

Plus, since I have to take care of the pets (including the dog), I have PLENTY of cooking experiments to feed my brother with......hehehe......

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