Saturday, September 12, 2009


This is my dog, speedy. she's a 6-year-old female Telomian(or so my dad calls it) and don't be fooled by this lazy look of hers; she's pretty intelligent for a dog.

I don't have any new events happening lately, so my dog is the only subject that I could think of for now.

One thing about Speedy is that she's pretty good at acting. Her main job is to generally guard the house and chase away the birds which comes by most of the time to eat her food. Well, the dog has been doing her duties of guarding the house, but I believe she has this soft spot for the birds, or she's just plain lazy (in other words, she doesn't chase the birds). However, if she happens to see one of the members of the house coming by, she'll chase after those birds as if her life depended on it!

As a puppy, Speedy was a hyperactive dog who never stops running, thus, having the name Speedy. Everyday, this dog would do anything to get out of the house to just run and play about in the field, which was quite an easy task for her because of her smaller body that time, she could easily squeeze through the gates and run free!

In order to solve this problem, we tied up some wired nettings on the gates so that she couldn't squeeze through. For a month or two, the dog did not manage to get out of the house only except somebody takes her out for a walk. But surprisingly, during the 2 months, the dog seemed to be really concentrating on the gates, especially when somebody opens it.

One day, when the family went out for lunch, we came back to find that the gate was wide open! But, the house gate was locked and it seemed that nobody broke into the house.

It was only after a few days that we've realised that it was the dog who opened the gate!

By putting her paw up on the first bar of the gate, it gives her a boost towards the latch. Next, by using her snout, she pushes the latch up and push it to the side and voila! She opened the gate!

The fact that Speedy could now open gates was a nuisance at first, but, it is also an advantage at the same time as she could take care of herself most of the time, especially whenever my family and I goes out for a holiday. Of course, we do ask the neighbour to feed her and lock the gate every night, but that's just about it! Isn't my dog so awesome?

Another special thing about Speedy is that she can communicate with people! We were quite shockd ourselves the first time Speedy 'spoke' to us. Of course, she couldn't realy talk as in talk like a human being, its rather like continuous howl, not barking. Sometimes, she would bark a soft bark in agreement like a 'yes' whenever we say something to her, but she seems to get the general understanding about what we are trying to say to her.

Other than that, unlike most dogs, Speedy is quite a sociable dog. Somehow or the other, she seems to understand whenever we have parties in the house. Instead of being chained up at the back of the house, barking her head off like most dogs, we let her roam about and she doesn't seem to bother the guests nor do the guests seemes bothered. If she really likes you, you may actually have the privelledge of 'talking' to her. Pretty cool, huh?

All in all, Speedy is the best dog ever and I love my dog very much. Somehow, I feel that you'll never be alone with a dog and they'll always give you unconditional love no matter what.

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