Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2: Inner Healing

I cracked open an eye, wondering where was I by the sound of a loud alarm at 5 in the morning. It took me a moment to realize that I was in Genting for the Youth Leadership Camp! Then I fell asleep again because there's NO WAY I'm waking up as early as 5 in the morning, thank you very much.
I woke up once again at 6.30 a.m. Man, those girls sure are desperate to bath in the morning! I heaved myself off the bed and got ready for the day. For breakfast, Nasi Lemak is served. Apparently, I found out that it was Angelina's alarm that woke me up. As expected, she wanted to take a bath *rolls eyes*.

Being one of the first few who finished their breakfast, I took a stroll round the place outside the house. Outside the dormitry, I saw a flight of stairs leading downwards so, I went there first.

There was nothing much to see down there, so I went upstairs again. At first, I thought the stairs that led upwards goes to the dormitry upstairs. Being curious, I discovered that it leads to the top of a hill!

As I climbed up the stairs, my mind was whirling with imaginations; would there be a playground? A jungle trekking pathway, or better, the way to the Theme Park!

As soon as I've reached the top of the hill, my heart was beating fast, beads of sweat formed on my back, the wind blew on my face and the hot sun was battering against me. Putting on my sunglasses, I was disappointed to find that it was just an empty field!

When I returned to the house, I joined the others at the hall to begin our day with the morning rosary. Each time we said the rosary, a different person will lead us using different languages.

To make things exciting, we started off with a game called Simon Says. We have three actions; pray, go to confession, and fast. By round two, half of the group lost. Not long after, it all came down between Greg and Victor. (I'm not sure what's up with those 'campur' actions...)

In the end, nobody won because it would probably take too much time to determine the winner. During the lecture, we were then sent out to fetch something from nature that represents us. I found an unbloomed flower (to show that I have yet to bloom someday). Even this guy Rudy, went all the way to this Karoke shop to look for bamboos? I know, weird....

And there's this guy who found a 'Moses stick'! Hahaha!

There's this game that I really enjoyed called 'charades' where 6 leaders have to act out a certain ambition. The 6 leaders were Freddie, Daniel, Tasha, Catherine, Annie, and Christopher.

What they didn't know about this game was that they were actually acting out their ambition while taking a dump in the toilet!

First off was Freddie, the cowboy,

Next was Daniel as a Mat rempit! His acting was hilarious especially when he shouted "OH SHIT!" That really cracked me up!

And there was Catherine as a model.

Followed by Annie the Magician,

Chris, the DJ.

And finally, Tasha the Ballerina!

In the end, Daniel won thus making him the proud owner of..... (drum rolls)

Later in the evening, we celebrated mass in the hall with Father George Harrison (no, he's not one of the Beatles, just a priest). Before we began, we were given half an hour to get ready for mass and dress up decently. As I was about to get ready to take a bath, I discovered that to my horror, I forgot to bring my soap and shampoo!

Well, in the end, I ended up with a soapless shower but at least I remembered to bring my facial wash, toner and moisturizer.... the things I do to keep a pretty face...
After dinner, we had this Inner healing session. Alvin started off with his experience with God when he had trouble with his anger management and how he became closer to Him. Then we saw a skit which really touched our hearts. By then, I already heard a few sniffels, even I was close to crying.
Then there's the main bit where we were about to experience 'Resting in the Spirit'. This is when the Holy Spirit comes down upon you, making you fall to the ground.
As we prayed, giving praises to the Lord, a few leaders came by to pray over us by chanting some strange language that I have never heard of. During their chanting, I felt myself swaying backwards, trying to make me fall to the ground. I was so scared that I tried my best not to fall despite hearing the leaders say "Just let go, there's no need to be afraid. Jesus loves you!"
In the end, they've finished and told me to sit down. I turned around to find a few people lying on the floor with their eyes closed and many others crying their eyes out. At first, I thought the people who were down on the floor was tired and decided to take a nap on the floor. But isn't it a bit odd for them to do so?
Soon, I became frightened when I saw a few more people dropping onto the floor! Some people were even crying to the extent that even their snot started dropping out, which makes things pretty gross. It truly was an exciting experience for me(minus the snot part) because it made me feel a bit closer to Jesus, even though I did not shed a tear, nor did I rest in the Spirit. I retired to bed when all is over while others went downstairs to share some spine chilling ghost stories.

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