Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 1: Youth Leadership Camp '09

When I first got to know about the Youth Leadership Camp, I didn't exactly think that it would be anything special as it was mostly about talks and spiritual stuff, yadi, yadi, ya....

For a start, allow me to tell you briefly about the camp. Two youth leaders from each BEC zone are only allowed to join this camp. The camp was to be held at Dominic Villa, Genting from the 16th Oct till the 18th. About 36 youths from the Holy Family Kajang Church participated.

I arrived at the church with Greg, our zone youth leader where we were to assemble before we left for Genting at 5p.m. The chosen youths who participated came from different language groups like the Mandarin and Tamil group.

When the bus arrived, we were kinda behind schedule. To make things worst, during the journey, there was a massive traffic jam and apparently, somebody had to use the loo!

Eventually, we stopped at a nearby Shell station. Christine told us, "Make it quick and be back in 2 minutes!"

As soon as the door opened, everybody went out of the bus! So much for those 2 minute quickies...

By the time the whole bus was empty(even the bus driver was gone), I finally got out with only RM 5 on me and walked towards the shop. I looked at the shop to find that the whole place was (not surprisingly) full of people! I went over to the chips section, chose a tomato flavoured packet, and went right to the counter without looking out for anything else I might be interested in.

Boy am I glad I was quick! As soon as I got out of the shop, there was a long cue at the counter.

We were very late when we arrived at Dominic villa. We were actually scheduled to arrive by 7p.m or earlier, but we arrived at 9 instead. So, the speakers weren't so happy about that. Dragging our luggages up the many staircases, we were first shown to our dormitry.

Isn't it lovely? The last time I've ever slept in a dormitry was terrible! The HUGE dormitry that the people I shared with have to use ONE toilet! ONE! That means we have to wait one by one to use the toilet, which is ridiculous! Speaking about toilets, this is our dormitry toilet.

Hmmm....... I think I'm gonna like it here!

We hastily had a cold dinner(beacuse we came late) and went down the hall to meet our speakers. The speaker of the night was Alvin, and he's so awesome! Everybody enjoyed his talks about God's love (and his love stories since childhood). We stayed up late that night because we had to cramp 2 sessions into one as we had already missed the 1st session before we arrived.

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